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TES4 Session 185 September 6, 1965 5/80 (6%) photograph moderation meals chimney shadow

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I will give you the suggestions, and then I will give you the reasons behind them. I will have some little more to say concerning diet. You do well as it is, avoiding thick sauces and gravies. There is no fear here of short-circuiting necessary vitamin needs. I am mainly suggesting a change in the way food is prepared, and whenever possible a reliance upon fresh vegetables and fruits. Frozen are preferable to canned.

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(Seth’s comments on our meals rather surprised us, since we are quite careful about our diet as it is. We do eat fried foods, of course, but decided we could cut down on these.

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Theoretically, it would be better indeed if you were vegetarians. However at this time I do not suggest it. There is no doubt, for various reasons, however, that many benefits are connected with this particular dietary habit. I repeat: I do not suggest it for you, for various reasons. Moderation will do us as well.

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You may take your break. I will then have a few words to say concerning the connection between diet, personality, and health. All of which incidentally is reflected in the dream state, and in the nature of dreams themselves.

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A little more here concerning diet. You are indeed to a large extent what you eat. You are bound up in the cycle of earth relationships. The eating of meat without doubt focuses the physical mechanism closely to the physical system. There is nothing wrong with this. If you are trying to develop inner abilities however, and if you wish to allow yourself a mobility of focus, then moderation in this respect must be used. Eggs and milk and cheeses can be substituted occasionally without changing your overall eating habits.

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