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TES8 Session 404 April 8, 1968 plenty exercises financial dwindling maltz

Whenever you find yourself thinking of your bank account follow the exercise I have just given you. I am not suggesting that you take the time out. I am suggesting that you devote the same amount of time constructively that you are now spending destructively, and that the new exercises take the place of the old automatically followed negative exercises that you have indeed been faithfully following.

For all of your objections Ruburt has studiously taken 15 or 20 minutes a day in what he rightly believes to be practical exercises to better your financial condition. He has had enough success spasmodically to know that the exercises work.

Since you are however so strongly concerned with it these exercises will be of great benefit. I will give you a practical example here. Now Ruburt in his exercises has been imagining vividly his dream book sold, selling. While you have been imagining the dwindling accounts and pessimistically thinking that after all the book may not sell, and to be practical you cannot be sure that the outline will sell and your efforts therefore have been knocking each other out.


TES6 Session 271 June 27, 1966 miniature stone imprisons edge paperweight

[...] Ruburt should continue with his exercises, as they are unusually beneficial for him. [...]

[...] The exercises give a daily relief, and creative refreshment. [...]

If Ruburt will begin his exercises again he will notice an immediate improvement. [...]

TES7 Session 327 March 20, 1967 projection waking matures beneath faculty

[...] All of these exercises provide training that helps you in all your other work. This particular exercise however definitely requires some success in the recognition of dream projections.

[...] You are bringing into operation, and exercising a higher faculty, and through these exercises this faculty matures.

[...] I am telling this to you because you may find that you are performing this exercise spontaneously. [...]

TES5 Session 238 March 4, 1966 peggy witnesses unscheduled wilburs circulation

[...] This is an exercise, Peggy told us at break, that she does each morning. Like Jane, she works out with yoga each day, but rushes the exercises in the morning while dressing for work. [...] Seth was right here, according to Peggy, for lately she felt she had been hurrying the exercises too much. Seth told Peggy the rapid neck rolls, which are an exercise supposed to be done slowly, were actually being detrimental to her. In addition, Peggy should be careful at the end of this exercise, when she drops her head forward, supposedly in a relaxed manner. [...] Peggy agreed that she ended the exercise in this manner; and again, she had not thought to mention this to Jane previously.

(Seth told Peggy the yoga exercises were basically excellent for her if done at the proper tempo, and to keep them up. [...]

TES9 Session 456 January 8, 1969 potato approaches technique exercise plunge

[...] One of these will be a mental exercise, taking no more than ten minutes, and if done properly, only three times a week, will be of great benefit in keeping joints and muscles loose and free. (Pause.) I should perhaps give you that exercise now.

The lengthening exercise to be emphasized with the arms particularly. [...] That is the end of the exercise.

[...] He should then imagine the neck revolving easily and normally three times in each direction; mentally here doing the yoga neck exercise that he recalls.


TES9 Session 481 May 12, 1969 1969 construction destruction 494 april

If the exercise is done correctly it is literally impossible for the old idea to obtain any energy for its continuance and your attention is directed to the desired end. [...] If this is the case then the exercise should be continued until you imagine you yourself deciding upon and bringing about the destruction and replacement. [...] Such exercises will cut down the physical time involved however.

[...] The following mental exercise is most effective. [...]

The same exercise can be done while dreaming, you see.


TES9 Session 454 December 7, 1968 tam eve control figure irish

Follow the exercise... [...] This is a symbolic exercise... [...]

...Exercises in recent sessions are good if not overdone. (A reference to projections.) You shouldn’t do these however until you have tried the water exercise at least 30 or 35 times.

(Seth has never suggested this water exercise to anyone else. [...]


TES2 Session 74 July 27, 1964 authority director gallery grievances misspelled

I was glad to see that Ruburt began the back exercises once more. [...]

[...] I want to point out that the back exercises, because of the quietude and training in concentration, represent excellent practices for both of you, and for Ruburt in particular. [...]

[...] Daily use of those particular back exercises, with their mental discipline, will further aid in his development, until he will find indeed that he can not only relax at will, but even when he does not have time to will relaxation, that is, relaxation will be the built-in conditioned reflex that panic used to be.


TES7 Session 321 February 22, 1967 sensitivities sweaters release pendulum heater

You have been doing well with the pendulum, and the exercise has successively opened up communication with deeper layers of the self. [...] A point here involving Ruburt’s hands and his mother’s sweaters: he knew that knitting was a therapeutic measure suggested in the past to exercise his mother’s hands. [...]

[...] They are actually exercises in the spontaneous release of the intuitive portion of the self. [...]

TES8 Session 397 March 6, 1968 cell transition alchemy signals evil

[...] The exercises which Ruburt is barely beginning will be of great help in our work, and in the development of his abilities. They are also however excellent exercises that will result in the training so advantageous at the point of transition.

(At break, Jane showed me some yoga exercises she has recently resumed. [...]

[...] The earlier resistance against exercise was quite understandable, for it was a symptom of the inner resistance.

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