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TPS1 Session 379 (Deleted) November 13, 1967 relaxation strenuous vigorous weapon exercise

These need not be necessarily violent motions, but they will induce a feeling of freedom and spontaneity, and increase blood circulation. He should in his exercises imagine strenuous exercise, running very fast for example, until in his mind’s eye his muscles are fully relaxed.

Running until he feels himself out of breath, or dancing to the same degree. The system should be fully activated, you see, and flushed out through such activities. Now. Strenuous exercise, not necessarily overdone you understand, but strenuous exercise physically and imagined, will in itself lead to the kind of deep relaxation that he also must learn now to achieve, and which is needed by the system.

I suggest the exercising images be executed in the time now given to the relaxation exercises, and replacing those in the book (Psycho-Cybernetics). Let him imagine himself performing varied vigorous activities until he is nearly exhausted, and then imagine the ensuing deep relaxation.


TPS1 Session 387 December 11, 1967 relaxation maltz exercises aloofness sleepy

Exercises so far have been too intensely entered into. He was so intent upon performing all given, either exercise or posture, that he became discouraged and pessimistic. [...] Its exercise function is secondary. [...]

He did this even in the mental exercises I suggested. I now recommend all endeavors that combine enjoyment and exercise, where the exercise at least to his mind is incidental, or at least secondary.

He need not decide, now, whether these be yoga or other exercises. He can do one one day and one another if he chooses— but fifteen minutes minimum of any kind of exercising activity.


TPS1 Session 567 (Deleted Portion) February 17, 1971 exercises blockage achievement assertion response

It places his mind on physical performance, and leads automatically into the future in a positive way as he achieves in simpler exercises and then goes on. The exercises themselves then help combat negative suggestions on both of your parts, for you are reassured by any progress. [...]

There will be a beneficial mental and physical carryover from the exercises to other activities, particularly as the trust is built up. [...] The exercises in the past would not have been effective. [...]

[...] The physical assertion of the exercises is good. [...]


NotP Chapter 3: Session 764, January 26, 1976 exercises modes associations scenes organizations

[...] You must do this exercise, however, for simply reading about it will not give you the experience that comes from the actual exercise. [...]

[...] These exercises will bring you in contact with other kinds of knowing, and acquaint you with different feelings of consciousness that are not familiar. Your consciousness itself will then have a different feel as the exercises are done. [...]

The other exercises, in fact, will result in a clearer picture of the world, for they will facilitate the very motion of your perceptions, allowing you to perceive nuances in the physical situation that before would have escaped your notice. [...] Therefore the exercises will be important because they will offer you evidence of your own greater perceptive abilities.


TES8 Session 404 April 8, 1968 plenty exercises financial dwindling maltz

Whenever you find yourself thinking of your bank account follow the exercise I have just given you. [...] I am suggesting that you devote the same amount of time constructively that you are now spending destructively, and that the new exercises take the place of the old automatically followed negative exercises that you have indeed been faithfully following.

For all of your objections Ruburt has studiously taken 15 or 20 minutes a day in what he rightly believes to be practical exercises to better your financial condition. He has had enough success spasmodically to know that the exercises work.

Since you are however so strongly concerned with it these exercises will be of great benefit. [...] Now Ruburt in his exercises has been imagining vividly his dream book sold, selling. [...]


TES6 Session 271 June 27, 1966 miniature stone imprisons edge paperweight

[...] Ruburt should continue with his exercises, as they are unusually beneficial for him. [...]

[...] The exercises give a daily relief, and creative refreshment. [...]

If Ruburt will begin his exercises again he will notice an immediate improvement. [...]

TPS2 Deleted Session January 19, 1972 diet worries interflow menstruational exercises

(The yoga exercises have helped some, she said. [...]

[...] He is still doing well with the exercises. [...]

The suggestions should definitely be renewed, with a light touch, but they will make the exercises much more effective. [...]


TPS7 Deleted Session November 5, 1983 noises pillow unconscious worrying healed

[...] I worked on mail while it was running, but couldn’t help Jane with a session, exercises, and so forth until it was over. [...]

We want to devote ourself now to some motion exercises, and I may or may not return, again according to those rhythms of which I so often speak.

[...] But right now she wanted to do exercises. [...]


NoPR Chapter 16: Session 658, April 23, 1973 hypnosis undivided hypnotist wording sixteen

[...] This exercise should not be done along with the point of power exercise given earlier. [...]

[...] When the exercise is finished do not dwell upon it. [...]

[...] But continue the exercise even if this happens.

TPS3 Session 682 (Deleted Portion) February 13, 1974 relax arthritis legs benefiting muscles

The yoga exercises encourage the muscles to stretch as well as relax, and so far his choice of exercises is good. [...]

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