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TPS7 Deleted Session November 24, 1983 thanksgiving gail turkey worrying thankful

Be thankful for that evidence on your Thanksgiving Day, and although Ruburt did not read as well today, the eyes are indeed still improving.

(I massaged Jane with Oil of Olay after I turned her, took my nap, checked the TV programs for the evening, said the prayer with her, and left at about 7:05. Margaret Bumbalo had asked me over for a drink when I got home, but I was in no hurry. “I do have a lot to be thankful for,” Jane said, and I agreed. “And let’s look forward to what we’ll have next Thanksgiving,” I said, as I kissed her good night.

TPS1 Session 479 (Deleted) April 30, 1969 parking halliday landlord bully sell

Think how thankful you are to have such a talent. [...] Be thankful for the talent, be thankful that others appreciate it. [...]

TPS7 Deleted Session October 15, 1982 pills arousal distance legs vitamins

You have much to be thankful for, in the definite improvements following our last session. [...]

TES7 Session 326 March 15, 1967 projections levitations easiest occultists remember

Ruburt’s overall acceptance of me is growing, for which I can be thankful. [...]

TPS6 Deleted Session January 27, 1982 cottage paul desirable explore neill

[...] This means also that you are bringing such an issue into conscious light, that you are not afraid of making such a choice, and that you are thankful that the choice itself is available to you.

TPS2 Deleted Session February 26, 1972 repressed feelings release concentrate ambiguous

[...] Be thankful for what you do have, and it will be increased.

TECS2 ESP Class Session, December 8, 1970 florence puritan absorb umbrella bawl

[...] Be thankful for it.

[...] Be lucky and thankful that the inner self does not have these hang-ups. [...]

TES6 Session 270 June 22, 1966 oriented nightmare survival ego catherine

[...] You may as well be thankful for the time when it is offered.

TES8 Session 346 June 14, 1967 overproduction peanut symptoms apricot sun

[...] They are now swinging to his aid, and you can now at least be thankful for their amazing nature, for the healthful turn will be ever more evident.

TPS1 Deleted Session February 11, 1971 negative railings ritual symptoms habitual

He can do this as I mentioned earlier by reminding himself of the otherwise healthy state of his body, and being thankful for it, by expecting (underlined) four time’s improvement, and looking for it, and not expecting the symptoms to remain as they are.

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