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TES7 Session 292 October 10, 1966 cap beer friday tipping 88

(Two other couples visited us last Friday evening, Bill and Peggy Gallagher, and Marilyn and Don Wilbur. Jane and I furnished wine, so did the Gallaghers, and the Wilburs brought two six-packs of beer—one of Draft Beer, the other of Carling Black Label.

(Jane had some images and these will be mentioned in place. This is a case where Jane had seen one of the two items making up the envelope objects very recently—the beer can cap, on Friday, October 7, three days ago. She had never seen my penned note bearing the date and identifying the brand of beer, Draft Beer. See pages 86-88 for tracings of the two envelope objects, and the beer can. I might add that Jane saw the beer can cap only in a casual way. There were quite a few lying about our living room Friday evening. Our candle was not lit until late that evening. When I picked up a cap to blacken in the flame I thought this would focus Jane’s conscious attention on this particular one, but she told me at break tonight that she hadn’t noticed my heating the cap, or else had forgotten it.

(“A vertical format.” Seth didn’t help us out here and I neglected to ask him to after break, but in view of later data Jane and I believe this applies to the design on the Draft Beer can, furnishing the cap used as one of the envelope objects. See page 88. Due to its nature a beer can would bear a vertical format. The card table we used had a plain brown top; but perhaps Seth referred to something else.


TES7 73rd Envelope Experiment (Caption) cap 73rd beer 292nd supplied

(Tracings of the beer can cap, and my note, used as the objects in the 73rd envelope experiment, in the 292nd session for October 10,1966.)

(Backs of the beer can cap, and my note.)

(Drawing of a draft beer can. [...]

TES7 Session 283 September 5, 1966 barbara goose postcard card va

(3rd Question: Can you say something about wine or the wine house? [...] See the wine house data-interpretation on page 23. [...]

[...] A distant connection with wine or a wine house. [...]

(“Can you say something about wine or the wine house?”


TES5 Session 235 February 23, 1966 coaster hack dancing envelope terwilliger

(The envelope object for tonight’s 35th experiment was a beer coaster that I picked up from our table last Saturday evening, at our favorite dining and dancing establishment here in Elmira. [...]

[...] She had smoked, and sipped wine occasionally.

(Jane paused at 10:12, took a sip of wine without appearing to open her eyes, then gave voice to the last sentence above. [...]


TES8 Rob Pendulum Q&A June 12, 1967 canned corn margarine tomato garlic

5) Beer.

TECS1 ESP Class Session, October 8, 1968 bell task traveler lafinda provides

For your information I can taste the wine and fortunately I am not affected by the wine, although Ruburt may be.

[...] —The wine is not as good as the brandy! [...]

TES8 Session 347 June 19, 1967 recovery reversal vacation vanishing cues

The swelling has to do with a chemical that encouraged in certain parts of the body only a retention of fluid, and this was aggravated by beer consumption, and also by the drinking of whole milk.

[...] I am no medical man… Because of the psychological condition he extracted, or he used this in both whole milk and beer, in such a way that it left residues near certain joints, blocking passageways and allowing fluids to accumulate. [...]

[...] Beer and whole milk are contained in the list. [...]

TPS3 Session 710 (Deleted Portion) October 7, 1974 challenging indoctrinations boldly cowering philosophically

(“Do you want me to get you some beer?”

TPS2 Deleted Session October 1, 1973 improvements arm tendons badminton deadened

[...] Beer in any quantity should now be avoided. [...]

One brief remark: A rosé wine, rather than your Pisano.

TPS7 Deleted Session December 25, 1983 suction plate christmas georgia decoration

[...] Peg and Bill Gallagher visited Jane at 11:00 last night, sneaking in through the emergency exit, Jane said, and left presents, including wine, for us. [...]

[...] Georgia got us some ice and we each had a glass of the wine the Gallaghers had left.

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