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TMA Session Eleven: September 15, 1980 christ resurrection biblical ascension messiahs

He arose from the tomb and ascended into heaven. The resurrection and the ascension are indeed, however, the two parts of one dramatic event. (Pause.) Dogmatically, arising from the dead alone was clearly not sufficient, for men were to follow where Christ led. You could not have a world in which the newly-risen dead mixed with the living. An existence in a spiritual realm had to follow such a resurrection.

(“Oh, Lord,” I said, joking. For I was embroiled in trying to produce a note relative to a passage of Seth’s in Mass Events about Christ’s resurrection and ascension. For several reasons, interruptions among them, I’d found it difficult to get into the work, and had spent the weekend reading to remind myself of background material. I wanted the note to be coherent, without going into too much detail. Jane has also contributed an excellent paragraph of material for it. As I have before, I found the whole religious issue confusing and contradictory. And the last thing I’d expected of Jane tonight was any material on religion from Seth. Obviously, my own hassles about the subject were prompting her efforts, I thought.

(One of the interruptions concerned the overflow of water from a cellar bathroom. Last night I’d discovered that a portion of the cellar floor — including the old “bomb shelter” where I keep our fan mail stored — was covered by a quarter inch of water —just enough to soak into the 2 by 4’s I have the cardboard boxes placed upon [to avoid water!]. If the wooden supports soak up enough water they can bleed into the very porous boxes. So I had some damp correspondence to resurrect — without too much trouble, actually. The plumber cleaned out the house’s sewer line this afternoon, and I spent much time mopping up six full buckets of dirty water.


NoME Chapter 4: Session 829, March 22, 1978 christ resurrection ascension luke gospels

[...] I added “[resurrection and]” to Seth’s passage because Jane told me that according to ordinary teaching Christ’s resurrection from the dead took place on Easter Sunday, the third day following his crucifixion (on Friday), while his ascension into heaven transpired at an indefinite later time — up to 40 days later, as stated in the writings of St. Luke in the Acts of the Apostles (AA 1:10). As far as we know, Seth’s inference that Christ’s resurrection and ascension took place on the same day is contrary to popular belief.

[...] A study of the New Testament books alone can quickly lead one into a maze of questions: Why isn’t the resurrection itself described? [...] If time (as much as 40 days) did elapse between Christ’s resurrection and ascension, where was he physically during all of that period, other than on the few occasions cited in the Gospels and in Acts, when on various occasions he revealed himself to the women who discovered his empty tomb, to the apostles, and to some others? [...] An existence in a spiritual realm had to follow such a resurrection.”

“Here Seth seemed to telescope the two events into one, “Jane wrote, “or refer to them together, as if the distinction didn’t exist for him … Seth may be implying that the ascension was the main issue in the Christ story, rather than the resurrection, or telling us that the two events are so intertwined thematically as to be treated as one.” Since we do not arbitrarily change Seth’s copy, his reference here to the ascension rather than the resurrection, and a similar one that soon follows, stand as they were given. [...]


TES7 Part Two Of Seth’s Lecture To Pat’s Boston High School Class March 25, 1967 classroom chromosomes 334th shall identity

[...] You must inspect the innermost portions of yourself, and from this indeed shall you be resurrected.

SS Appendix: Session 558, November 5, 1970 baal ron ethics bael worship

[...] He also told us about Jesus predicting his own death and resurrection several times in Matthew, Mark and Luke, and of the resulting uncertainty and misunderstanding of the disciples. [...]

DEaVF1 Chapter 3: Session 891, December 26, 1979 expectations 1980 probabilities versions resolutions

I gave you some New Year’s resolutions last year, and it seems to me (with some irony) that they could be resurrected.

NoPR Chapter 13: Session 651, March 26, 1973 blacks races sleeping age unconscious

[...] Death is viewed in terms of value judgments of good and evil and black and white — the annihilation of consciousness being perceived as black, and its resurrection as white.

TES5 Session 213 December 1, 1965 ormond season test 101 historic

[...] And by reminding men of a birth and a resurrection it hints at the innate abilities of the race to transcend physical time and space.

NoPR Chapter 21: Session 674, July 2, 1973 christ affirmation love gospels matthew

The “substitute” was a personality seemingly deluded, but in his delusion he knew that each person is resurrected. [...]

NoME Chapter 2: Session 805, May 16, 1977 cancer examinations mastectomies women disease

Many of your resurrected occult schools speak of a recommended death of desire, the annihilation of the ego, for the transmutation of physical elements to finer levels. [...]

TES6 Session 249 April 6, 1966 ribbon quasars card artistic curt

In ‘63 some changes were made or the card was resurrected.

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