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TPS1 Session 380 (Deleted) November 15, 1967 intuitional intellectually immediate problems self

True questioning and true use of the critical faculties will always lead Ruburt, to intuitional truths, so there is no reason to fear them. Those who do not understand their abilities intellectually must one day be led to question them. The intuitions and the intellect are meant to challenge and develop each other, and intuitional knowledge and intellectual knowledge will ultimately lead to the same answers.

The conscious had to appreciate in quite real terms its dependence upon intuitional wisdom. There had to be agreement and unity. The conscious self was not to be left by the wayside, wondering while the intuitional abilities led to fulfillment. The conscious intellectual faculties had to realize what was operating in order that they themselves be fulfilled.

And I repeat, he should indeed stay away from spiritualistic literature. Not because there is anything basically wrong with it, but because it presents him with a dilemma. He knows intuitively what he knows. Intellectually he will catch up with this. The spiritualistic literature causes a needless conflict between his intellect and intuitions.


TPS2 Deleted Session June 14, 1972 church prophet christs conned doran

Some of my material is difficult to accept intuitively and intellectually at one time. You may intuitively grasp a point and intellectually not understand it, or the other way around. But Ruburt insists that he intellectually and intuitively understand each point, and agree with it, or it puts him in the position of publicizing ideas when he is not a hundred percent certain of their validity, and he considers this to some degree dishonest. [...]

Because they were formed at a time before the intellectual and intuitive abilities developed, and were not a problem until the intellectual and intuitive abilities seemed to come upon a system of thought that was in opposition to the underlying emotional beliefs. [...]

[...] In the past any intuitive thoughts he felt but could not prove were put into his fiction. [...]


TPS1 Session 560 (Deleted) November 11, 1970 feminine masculine intellectual precipitated intuitive

He has as you know excellent intuitive abilities. In the past in his poetry the intuitive abilities were somewhat isolated. [...]

He could not deny the intuitive self, so it became the self who wrote poetry. [...] The feminine image meant instability, intuitions that could lead into unrespectable by-ways, and emotions that were not intellectually restrained.

The intuitive portions of himself he has always considered as feminine. [...]


TES9 Session 457 January 13, 1969 revelationary fiction mission hypocrisy intuitive

Until then the ego and the intuitive self had not come into conflict, as far as basic philosophy was concerned. The intuitive self presented the ego however with a new line of development that it was not prepared to follow.

[...] Ruburt’s ego would have avoided the questions and taken the easy road, and this easy road would not have developed the full potentials that were necessary if the personality were to use its creative and intuitional abilities in any important manner.

[...] (Pause.) Through easy success, through in fact a far more shallow route, but the intuitive self would have suffered drastically in your future, and there would have been severe difficulties.


TES7 Session 324 March 6, 1967 resentment misdirected wollheim excitement symptoms

[...] They must, therefore, be used in exciting creative ways having to do with his intuitions, intellect, and creative work.

The intuitive self is now freed enough to make this possible, and provide the way, you see. [...]

[...] If it is poor, the sleep is poor, and the inner intuitions denied their therapeutic functions.


TECS1 ESP Class Session, February 4, 1969 truth cracks win intellectually washes

[...] In many cases intellectual truth follows intuitive truth. You know intuitively. [...]

[...] And I have given material that is highly intuitional that will be understood and used by people who know how to use their intuitions. [...]

[...] He is too intuitive, however, and, indeed, too good. [...]


TPS1 Session 458 (Deleted Portion) January 20, 1969 uncle horses fascination child sister

[...] While the inner self is aware of this connection, the present self has been fooling itself to some degree, for it did not accept the intuitional knowledge. [...]

[...] But the fact that the conception was accidental, and the death was accidental, has its own intuitive logic.

(As Seth talked the witness felt a series of intuitive jolts that led her to believe the information was good. [...]


NotP Chapter 5: Session 772, April 19, 1976 sexual male female orientation deities

There seems to be a division between science and religion, for even organized religion has an intuitive basis. The male scientist is often ashamed of using his intuitions, for not only do they appear to be unscientific, but female as well. [...]

In your present framework, because of the male-female specialization — the male orientation, the implication that the ego is male while the psyche is female — you force upon yourselves great divisions in which operationally the intellect seems separate from the intuitions, and you set up a situation in which opposites seem to apply where there are none. [...]

[...] Therefore they are more apt to combine reason and emotion, intuitions and intellect, and in so doing invent theories that reconcile previous contradictions. [...]


TES8 Session 389 January 3, 1968 blanche anne healy 1938 baltimore

It was indeed intuitive and psychic connections that brought me here, and it will be intuitive and psychic connections that finally cause Ruburt to accept me wholeheartedly.

[...] Regardless of what he believes about himself, his complete belief in me will only be arrived at intuitively and emotionally.

[...] Intellectual acceptance of me as a complete survival personality will follow the intuitive knowledge. [...]


TPS4 Deleted Session August 2, 1978 irritability apologetic intellect interview babbitt

Then the mind, the intellect, alters its focus, using its abilities automatically for intuitive ends, and its questioning abilities are freed from endless queries from the outside, so to speak, and it joins with the intuitions, seeking its answers freely in that greater realm.

*(10:05.) *It is very possible that you would have found the emotional aura at least vaguely unpleasant on some occasions—so Ruburt always tried, because of his own feelings as well as yours, to be intuitional and intellectual at the same time. [...]

[...] The high intellect or spacious mind is a combination of what you think of as psychic or intuitional, and intellectual qualities—only raised to a much higher degree, and united.


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