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UR1 Section 3: Session 698 May 20, 1974 12/31 (39%) dream arts world product significances

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(The regularly scheduled session for last Wednesday night wasn’t held because of Jane’s very relaxed state. She’s been enjoying this letting-down often during the past couple of weeks. On Friday, however, while in an altered state of consciousness, she tuned into some material on Seth, dreams, and other species of consciousness; she calls it The Wonderworks, and excerpts from it are presented as Appendix 11.

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To pursue certain goals, you pretended that they did not exist. Now, however, your global situation as a race requires the new acquisition of someancient arts.” These can help you become aware again of those inner idealizations that form your private reality and your mass world. They can permit you to become acquainted with other inward orders of events, and the rich bed of probabilities from which your physical existence emerges.

These arts are useless if they are not practiced — useless in that they lie ever latent, that they are not brought out into the exterior framework of your world. To use these arts requires first of all the knowledge that beneath the world you know is another; that alongside the focus of consciousness with which you are familiar there are other focuses quite as legitimate.

You dream, each of you, but there are few great dream artists. Many of the true purposes of dreams1 have been forgotten, even though those purposes are still being fulfilled. The conscious art of creating, understanding, and using dreams has been largely lost; and the intimate relationship between daily life, world events, and dreams almost completely ignored. The “future” of the species is being worked out in the private and mass dreams of its members, but this also is never considered. The members of some ancient civilizations, including the Egyptians, knew how to be the conscious directors of dream activity, how to delve into various levels of dream reality to the founts of creativity, and they were able to use that source material in their physical world.2

(9:41.) Cellular life is affected by your dreams. Healings can take place in the dream state, where events at another order of existence alter the cells themselves. Ruburt has been exploring the reality of dream levels,3 and in so doing he is beginning to glimpse their significance. To some extent each reader can initiate such private journeys. They will, these dream expeditions, throw great light on the nature of personal daily experience, and they will also provide personal knowledge of the ways in which probabilities operate.

Give us a moment … I said earlier in this book that the world you know arises from basic unpredictability, from which significances then emerge. 4 No system of reality is closed. The particular string of probable actions that you call your official experience does not just dangle, then, out in space and time — it interweaves with other such strands that you do not recognize. In the waking state the conscious mind must focus rather exclusively upon that one particular point of concentration that you call reality, simply so that it can direct your activities properly in temporal life. It is quite equipped, however, also to direct you to some extent in other levels of reality when it is not needed for specific survival duties.

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1. See Note l for the 687th session, in Section 1. In the next paragraph I’d like to review from a slightly different angle some of the information presented there.

Seth began talking about dreams and related subjects from the time these sessions began over 11 years ago. His material led Jane to do some excellent work with dreams on her own. See, for example, chapters 4 and 5 in The Coming of Seth, and Chapter 14 in The Seth Material. Actually, Seth and Jane dream data run through all of the books those two have produced so far, either singly or together.

The 92nd session for September 28, 1964, was a basic one for information on dreams, and Jane quotes various portions of it in chapters 5 and 14, as listed above; I ask the reader to review that material especially (and in both books). In connection with that session, here is some follow-up dream information that Seth gave in the 97th session:

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“In some respects all planes or fields of existence are indeed by-products of others. For example, without the peculiar spark set off through the interrelationship existing between the inner self and the physical being, the dream world would not exist. But conversely, the dream world is a necessity for the continued existence of the physical individual.

“This point is extremely important. As you know, animals dream. What you do not know is that all consciousnesses dream. We have said that to some degree even atoms and molecules have consciousness, and each one of those minute consciousnesses forms its own dreams, even as on the other hand each one forms its own physical image. Now, as in the physical field individual atoms combine for their own benefit into more complicated structure gestalts, so do they also combine to form such gestalts, though of a somewhat different nature, in the dream world.

[... 3 paragraphs ...]

2. We’ve come across some material in our reading lately that at least hints at what Seth tells us here.

[... 4 paragraphs ...]

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