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TES8 Session 417 June 17, 1968 stream refreshment cayce smile actualization

Knowledge does not exist independently of the one who knows. Someone gave Cayce the material. It did not come out of thin air. It came from an excellent source, a pyramid gestalt personality, with definite characteristics, but the alien nature of the personality was too startling to Cayce, and he could not perceive it. (Pause.) I am giving you the material through a personality that you can understand; one that is mine, one of my favorite selves. (Smile.) In this way the point is made so that it is clear.

I say this out of no misguided egotism, but because the essence of personality is the only meaningful basis behind idea. Any other approach would rob the material of rich dimensions, for I am the proof in my own pudding, you see. This is not the Cayce material, with information seemingly coming from some vast storehouse of knowledge. In those terms no such storehouse exists.

TES2 Session 83 August 31, 1964 libido freud jung advocating subconscious

Also since you have both been reading the Cayce book, I have a few comments. Our material speaks for itself, and many of Mr. Cayce’s comments are extremely valid and should be helpful to you. [...]

TPS5 Session 853 (Deleted) May 14, 1979 feminine male creativity revelation connotations

[...] Though he conveniently forgot [Edgar] Cayce, for example, who was a trance master. [...]

TPS2 Deleted Session November 12, 1973 concentrating freedom imagination enthusiasm pleasures

[...] She was quite surprised, since Atlantis is a subject sort of suspect to her because of the Edgar Cayce connotations, etc.)

TECS4 ESP Class Session, August 3, 1971 margie joy yawn strangers wally

(During break Margie explained what they were studying in the Cayce class and what they want to attain. [...]

TPS6 Deleted Session February 9, 1981 walter public actualize crowds interviews

(“Walter wants to be ‘a great psychic teacher’ like me or Cayce,” Jane said as we waited for Seth to come through. [...]

TES1 Session 1 December 2, 1963 watts yes frank towson gratis

([Jane asked] “Are you there, Edgar Cayce?”)

TPS1 Session 585 (Deleted Portion) May 12, 1971 creed panel permanency symptoms sketches

[...] Jane has already learned that she doesn’t want to do merely psychic, Seth books, like the Edgar Cayce series, for instance—from her own work on the creed. [...]

TES8 Session 406 April 22 1968 cozily halt trance mediums lethargy

[...] Some of the Cayce (Edgar) material (underline some)**is included here. [...]

TES8 Session 405 April 18, 1968 touchy spirit montgomery hurting afraid

[...] He is not Cayce nor Montgomery, nor the woman with the crystal ball. [...]

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