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TPS2 Session 608 Deleted. Seth’s Preface: “The Manufacture Of Personal Reality” April 5, 1972 correlating core oversoul teaches separating

As you know, the mind forms matter. The physical brain only perceives the appearance of matter in one of its many manifestations. There are many gradations of matter, therefore, as I have told you.

The subject of matter then becomes one of correlating inner data with outward experience and appearance. The inner core of the self has no difficulty in uniting and correlating the outward experience of its many personalities, but the subject of reincarnation cannot be understood without a knowledge of the nature of matter.

(Pause at 10:00.) The brain, as opposed to the mind, needs this correlation. In the framework of three-dimensional reality in which reincarnation exists, the structure of the body itself requires (in quotes) “time” lapses. Messages do not leap instantaneously through the nervous system. The mind exists independently of the brain, but with connections to it. It can perceive without time lapses. The physical body exists within an electromagnetic order.


SS Chapter 3: Session 520, March 25, 1970 ignoring subjectivity permanent constant forms

(With pauses): Your scientists are finally learning what philosophers have known for centuries — that mind can influence matter. They still have to discover the fact that mind creates and forms matter.

[...] The physical matter that composed your body a moment ago is different in important ways from the matter that forms your body in this instant.

What happens to a thought when it leaves your conscious mind? [...] For these thoughts and emotions that have left your conscious mind will lead you into other environments.


NoPR Chapter 17: Session 664, May 21, 1973 institutions interact apostle ice caterpillar

[...] Your feelings have as much natural validity as the tides, and they have their own kind of attraction — mind does move matter. A ring manipulated at a seance under controlled conditions is but the most simple kind of demonstration of the great ability of mind to interact with matter. [...]

DEaVF1 Chapter 3: Session 889, December 17, 1979 units cu wave particles operate

One mind alone could not come into being from chance alone; one thought could not leap from an infinite number of nerve ends, if matter itself was not initially alive with consciousness, packed with the intent to be. [...]

Now: I call the building blocks of matter CU’s—units of consciousness. They form physical matter as it exists in your understanding and experience. Units of consciousness also form other kinds of matter that you do not perceive.1

[...] Basically the units move faster than light,2 slowing down, in your terms, to form matter. [...] Scientifically, again, the units can be thought of as building blocks of matter. [...]


TPS7 Deleted Session November 5, 1983 noises pillow unconscious worrying healed

[...] Instead, of course, he should then remind himself of the roles of the conscious and the unconscious minds—and then remind himself that the unconscious mind can handle such matters easily—as indeed it can.

[...] Let the unconscious mind do that for you, I told her. [...] that were necessary—unless they were a specialist in such matters. I said that such a simple action must be governed by other portions of the unconscious mind that are conscious in their own rights. [...]

[...] With a small inspiration, I told her that in the light of the session today she should do the same thing as far as her understanding of the roles of the conscious and unconscious minds goes. It was a good analogy—to let the unconscious mind be concerned with how she was going to be healed, and so forth.

TPS5 Deleted Session July 12, 1979 science greg unofficially carson colorado

You can at least keep these facts in your minds. It is a matter of organization and of focus. [...]

[...] It also made him think, however, that he was not changing the world in any way that mattered in any important degree—that those in authority did not even read them, and that even my latest work *(Mass Reality) *would make no inroads. [...]

Remember to keep open-minded about individual scientists, also. [...]


UR2 Section 5: Session 725 December 11, 1974 strands mountain identity rocks trees

12. While reading those passages on identity, the reader might keep in mind the subject matter of Appendix 18: the complicated relationships involving Jane, Ruburt, and Seth.

[...] That resulting matter eventually returns to the earth, where it helps form all other living things. The “dead” matter — the residue of a bird, the sloughed-off cells — these things are not then used by other birds (though they may be occasionally), but by men and women. [...] Yet in your terms any identity, no matter how “minute,” retains itself and its identity through many forms and alliances of organizations.

[...] Atoms and molecules build blocks of matter, in your terms, even while the atoms and molecules remain separate. [...] For that matter (amused), if you will forgive me for that old pun, the atoms and molecules that form the table today did not have anything to do with the table five years ago — though the table appeared the same then as now.


TES1 Session 13 January 6, 1964 chlorophyll enzymes solidified dictates mental

[...] It is an attempt to get to the heart, the mind’s heart, of the matter.

[...] You understand that generalized material on the fifth dimension and other matters in no way jeopardizes her present personality, or causes strain or panic. [...]

[...] You must try not to categorize things in old ways, but when you open your mind you will see a similarity between chlorophyll as a mental enzyme or mover, and emotion which is never still. [...]


TES2 Session 73 July 22, 1964 pipers seed constructions chair depth

The mind constructs into matter its own idea of reality, and this is where personal expectation comes into play. You do not only create your own environment, generally speaking, you create it concretely, in forms of mass and matter.

The atoms and molecules, energy in matter, appear and disappear instantaneously. Energy constantly is constructed into the guise of matter, but matter is the simultaneous expression of energy under certain conditions.

As I have told you, form is not a characteristic of matter. [...] You observe that grass often appears where seed has been sown, and you conclude erroneously that the seed grows from matter within it, and that grass grows from the seed.


NoPR Chapter 3: Session 618, September 28, 1972 core seagull dick belief parental

[...] You must understand that these are not simply dead ideas, like debris, within your mind. They are psychic matter. [...]

As you apprehend them through association you come quite close to examining the contents of your mind in a free fashion. But if you drop the time concept and then view the conscious content of your mind through other core ideas, you are still structuring. [...] Build them up or tear them down, but do not allow yourself to become blind to the furniture of your own mind.

[...] If you are not accustomed to examining your own mind, then you can allow separate growths of this kind to form about a belief until you cannot distinguish one from the other. [...] (Seth called for the hyphen.) Data that seems unrelated to this core belief is then not assimilated but thrown into the corners of your mind, unused, and you are denied the value of the information.


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