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UR2 Section 5: Session 723 December 2, 1974 language sounds rock neanderthal prehuman

You are not alone in physical reality, so obviously your picture of the world is also affected by the world views of others, and you play a part in their experiences. There is a constant waking give-and-take. The same give-and-take occurs in the dream state, however. You affect your world through your dreams, then, as much as you do through your waking activities. In terms of time, lapses had to occur as various species physically matured and developed. They did so in response to inner impetus. The many languages that are now known originated in what you can call, from your point of view, nonwaking reality. Words, again, are related to the neurological structure, and languages follow that pattern. In the dream state many kinds of communication occur, and there are inner translations. Two people with different languages can speak together quite clearly in certain dreams, and understand each other perfectly. They may each translate the communication into their familiar language.

In a way, the one-line kind of consciousness that you have developed can be correlated with your use of any one language. Experience is programmed, highly specialized, and attains a seemingly tight organization only because (intently) it limits so much of reality. In those terms, if you are bilingual you are somewhat better off, for your thoughts have a choice of two paths. Biologically, you are physically capable of speaking any language now in use on the face of the earth. You would consider it an achievement if you learned to speak many languages. You would not find it frightening or unnatural, though you would take it for granted that some training was involved. In the same way, your one-line kind of consciousness is but one of manylanguages.” The others are as native, as natural, as biologically feasible.

Many theories have been advanced throughout history to explain the origins of speech. Prior to the 17th century, extensive searches and studies were made for a “natural” or Adamic language, a basic form of human communication that was supposed to underlie all racial languages; no such universal protolanguage was ever isolated. As science now reaches back into human beginnings, the already scanty evidence gradually disappears, until finally it seems highly unlikely that the species will ever really know how or when its language and/or speech started.


NotP Chapter 7: Session 781, June 28, 1976 language unstated tenses god archaic

That world has many languages. Physically you are like one country within your psyche, with a language of your own. People are always searching for master languages, or for one in particular out of which all others emerged. In a way, Latin is a master language. [...] Here you are searching for the implied source, the unspoken, invisible “pause,” the inner organization that gives language or the self a vehicle of expression. Languages finally become archaic. Some words are entirely forgotten in one language, but spring up in altered form in another. All of the earth’s languages, however, are united because of characteristic pauses and hesitations upon which the different sounds ride.

(10:40.) Give us a moment … Using ordinary language, you speak with your fellows. [...] Many books are meant to be read and never to be spoken aloud. Through written language, then, communication is vastly extended. In direct contact, however, you encounter not only the spoken language of another, but you are presented with the communicator’s person as well. Spoken language is embellished with smiles, frowns, or other gestures, and these add to the meaning of the spoken word.

In the same manner, when you ask: “Is there a master language?” it is apparent that you do not understand what language itself is. Otherwise you would know that language is dependent upon other implied ones; and that the two, or all of them, are themselves and yet inseparable, so closely connected that it is impossible to separate them even though your focus may be upon one language alone.


NotP Chapter 6: Session 776, May 17, 1976 language molecular sounds amplification identification

[...] He could send his own consciousness swimming, so to speak, through many currents, in which other kinds of consciousness merged. I said that the language of love was the one basic language, and I mean that quite literally. Man loved nature, identified with its many parts, and added to his own sense of being by joining into its power and identifying with its force.

(Pause at 9:35, one of many.) The language of love did not initially (underlined) involve images, either. [...]

The listener then breaks down the language. [...] You have so connected words and images that language seems to consist of a sound that suggests an image. Yet some languages have had sounds for feelings and subjective states, and they had no subjects or predicates, nor even a sentence structure that you would recognize.


TECS4 ESP Class Session, December 7, 1971 sumari bette janice language seed

[...] You have been given a language it seems that is not a language. And since you have been given it there is a reason for it, and what earthly good is a language that is not a language? An ancient language that never was and within those paradoxes what meanings are there for you to learn? [...] And what is there about a language that has both beginnings and endings in it as you think of them, elements of a distant past and portents of what perhaps languages might be in your future? And why do you need a language beside the one that you have? [...]

Now all of you to some extent in your dream work keep records, and as such you are dealing with language as you know it, and you are interpreting your experience in terms of a mundane language that is as much a deception as it is a reflection of your feelings and experiences, for you cannot find words within your language to express your own feelings and experiences. Now, are you witnesses of the beginning of a language, the birth of a language that never existed? Are you witnesses of the reemergence of a language that was never spoken? Did it ever occur to you that there are languages that have never been verbalized, that beneath the words that you know and speak there are other sounds and other meanings that you do not approximate with the language that you know? [...]

Now you are beginning to communicate backward and trying to put aside the language that you knew and the phrases that you took for granted in order to approximate a more pure communication. One way of doing this would be to take several steps away from the language that you know to get into somewhat unfamiliar territory and to learn your way there, and then to be taken further down the primrose path where little by little the vowels and syllables themselves would disappear until you are at the pure sound and beneath that with true feeling. [...] You see but the representation of yourselves in the mirror, as you realize, but behind these representations are larger multidimensional realities, and we have many teaching methods and you are apt learners. [...]


NotP Chapter 7: Session 780, June 22, 1976 implies language psyche identities cezanne

(10:49.) There are many languages, though most people speak one, or two, or three at most. Languages also have accents, each somewhat different while still maintaining the original integrity of any given language. To some extent you can learn to speak yourself with an accent, so to speak — say that I smiled — in which case, still being yourself, you allow yourself to take on some of the attributes of another “language.”

I said that languages gain their meaning largely from the pauses and hesitations between sounds. They obviously gain their meaning also because of the sounds not used, so that any one language also implies the existence of all others. To that extent, all other languages reside silently within any given spoken language. The same applies to language written upon a page. [...]

[...] You are like a living language spoken by someone who did not originate it — the language was there for you to use. The language in this case is a molecular one that speaks your physical being. The components of that language or the earth elements that form the body were already created when you were born, as the alphabet of your particular language was waiting to be used.