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NoPR Chapter 12: Session 647, March 12, 1973 satan adam denial predator evil

[...] Neither theory contains an understanding of the functions of the conscious mind, or the evolution of consciousness — or, for that matter, certain aspects of greater physics. [...] The expanding universe theory* applies to the mind as well as to the universe.

An association could trigger the clear memory of a past agony in the bewildered new mind. [...] Man’s mind then struggled to contain many images — past, present, and future imagined ones — and was forced to correlate these in any given moment of time. [...]

In terms of simple biological function, you now had a species no longer completely dependent upon instinct, yet still with all the natural built-in desires for survival, and the appearance within it of a mind able to make decisions and distinctions.


NoME Chapter 6: Session 812, October 1, 1977 paranoid shared paranoia peter events

When I say that a person misinterprets sense data, I mean that the fine balance between mind and matter becomes overstrained in one direction. [...]

[...] It is up to the conscious mind to interpret sense events as clearly and concisely as possible. [...]

TPS1 Session 490 (Deleted) June 25, 1969 controls symptoms saratoga schedule lubricating

[...] He also wanted to understand the effect of mind on matter. [...]

His conscious mind, when he is not writing, should be anchored on something. [...] His mind, his conscious mind, is the type that should be anchored in such a way, for it is overactive, otherwise, and when he is not at his best it will leap to brooding. [...]

Since he had temporarily put you in the role of a controlling factor, this was also in the back of his mind. [...] The issues were not identical, you see, but similar enough in his mind.


TES4 Session 160 June 7, 1965 suggestion traffic action impediments mutant

I have often mentioned that the divisions in our subject matter are often arbitrary, and for practical purposes of discussion only. The word suggestion is in itself so bound in your minds with other matters that even I find it difficult not to let the subject matter become suggestive of matters that do not really belong under discussion.

The innate comprehension of which we have spoken is a basic portion of all atoms and molecules, about which the physical matter is formed, and without which the formation of physical matter would be impossible.

It goes without saying that each newborn consciousness within your system carries within it the capsule comprehension of which I have previously spoken; and if you recall, each atom and molecule, each and every smallest particle that can by any stretch of the imagination be called physical matter, contains within it its own independent capsule comprehension—inherent suggestions in coded form, in not one but several codes, that give complete instructions for development and growth.


TPS2 Deleted Session September 10, 1973 hours work creativity nonconventional barefooted

[...] The faces that you alone can paint can leap into your mind no matter what you are doing, and they are not dependent upon good lighting, though your final rendition of them might be.

To his mind it is directly in opposition to creativity.

[...] Remember his literal mind, and also that he does sometimes operate with extremes. [...]


TES3 Session 93 September 30, 1964 tub larry leaked pajamas theatre

[...] The conscious mind perceives matter. Yet even then it does not perceive matter directly, but by a very indirect path, and only because the whole self directs a certain portion of its energies in that direction.

Now, in any dream you will find a unifying image that will seem as diverse as this to the conscious mind. [...] In that dream you found the word tub referring to many various meanings, but in many cases you will find various other images, all cunningly connected so that it seems most unfortunate to you that the conscious mind cannot interpret them.

Only in this case the man in the airplane, instead of a radio message, would radio directly into the mind mechanism of the men below, a dream drama in the coded symbols which would be interpreted automatically by the men below.


NoME Chapter 2: Session 806, July 30, 1977 memories event floating shimmer past

[...] I ask the reader to always keep in mind that no matter what subject he’s discussing, or from what viewpoint, Seth’s kind of “time” underlies all that our present physical senses translate into linear, concrete experience and history. For clarification, I also keep this in mind: Seth isn’t physical, as he defines himself, and that “energy personality essence” seemingly isn’t all that focused on the passage of time — as we are — yet way back in the 14th session for January 8, 1964, he told us that time “is therefore still a reality of some kind to me.” [...]

[...] With that in mind, you can see that future lives are very difficult to explain from within your framework. [...]

the patterns of your mind?

NoME Chapter 6: Session 846, April 4, 1979 jonestown fallout mile cult reactor

[...] Only lately have some begun to think in terms of mind affecting matter, and even such a possibility disturbs them profoundly, because it shatters the foundations of their philosophical stance.

[...] This applied to every avenue of life: to health matters, social disorders, economics, even to war and peace.

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