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DEaVF1 A Poem and Commentary by Jane Roberts dawn attend saves dusk delays

“On Friday, October 23, 1981, I received the following message from Seth: ‘Attend to what is directly before you. You have no responsibility to save the world or find the solutions to all problems—but to attend to your particular personal corner of the universe. As each person does that, the world saves itself.’

worrying about my body or the world?

“After writing the above poem I felt a sense of faith—and realized that like many I’d become afraid of faith itself. It was a fear hidden in my deepest aspects….”

TPS5 Deleted Session December 6, 1978 tooth teeth views personalized aspirations

Your aspirations are a part of your world view. [...] Your world view includes your attitudes toward your parents, and toward their parents. [...] Your world view must include your beliefs about the body and the mind, about religion, history, and philosophy—and you stand as an entity, a psychological entity, in the center of this inner world.

You accept certain ideas and beliefs as a part of your world view, as everyone does. As a youngster, you—and also Ruburt—challenged many of “the world’s” beliefs, and refused to accept them as a part of your personalized world views.

*(To me:)*Your world view, for example, involves your knowledge and comprehension of government and politics as you perceive them, through reading or television. [...] Your world view includes paintings that exist in your imagination, as well as paintings done in your terms “so far.”


TPS5 Deleted Session November 21, 1979 account savings rewards interest withdraw

You share Framework 1 activity with others, for that world largely surrounds you, but remember, I am speaking in analogies to make certain points, for every person’s life has its Framework-2 orientations. Your creative endeavors have brought you good rewards (long pause) in more areas than you realize, but part of your account was in an ordinary savings structure so that you were, in those areas, somewhat restricted—and restricted by Framework 1’s largely trial-and-error framework.

[...] You do it by changing over your accounts in whatever areas you are concerned, from the old savings account to the super-account with its nearly double rewards for the same effort. [...] You withdraw the account by trying to exert more effort in Framework 1, instead of letting the account take care of itself.

[...] The whole thing seems to me to be a symbolic turning point in world history, full of danger in the terms of Framework 1. To me, all the parties involved in the dispute seem helpless and frightened; it echoes similar conscious-mind threats that I think the species has created for itself throughout recorded history.)


TPS3 Session 758 (Deleted Portion) October 6, 1975 gums raincoat symbiosis circulation cooperative

[...] Obviously the physical world itself attains its organization through a staggering cooperation. [...]

[...] A belief in the principles given, without equivocation, will save even the tooth that is loosest. [...] Ruburt must completely believe, however, that that tooth can be saved.

[...] It is not against you, nor is the world. [...]


TPS4 Deleted Session January 9, 1978 christ thy crucified thesis condemnation

In this way, with the words spoken “Let thy will be done,” the self could free itself from its own misconceptions, and attract from Framework 2 benefits that it might otherwise not be knowledgeable enough to request. [...] It brings forth the world of your experience in that world, and so it is your source also.

[...] From it flow all of the known facts of your world. [...] Literal minds, looking for evidential proof, would insist that the physical body itself must rise, ascending, hence the related stories, the misinterpretation of data. [...]

[...] When Christ said “Believe in me, and you will be saved,” he meant “Believe in your relationship to God, in that you are his son, as I am, and you will surely be saved.” [...]


WTH Chapter 2: February 7, 1984 nail approval sill temperature window

Each creature is born proud of itself, and loving itself. [...]

I am mentioning this only to stress the fact that self-delight and self-approval (long pause) are natural characteristics — characteristics that actually make your entire physical world, and world of experience, possible.

[...] Their motion is directed by electrons, so that within itself the nail actually experiences constant motion. [...]


TPS6 Jane’s Silver Dream Fragment February 14, 1981 silver serviceable silverware sterling caring

[...] implements for nourishment rather than the elegant more artistic connections of sterling silver—which is itself beautiful while also serving a function.... [...] By being so careful with the abilities—actually because I valued them, I end up being their servant, but actually end up using my abilities at the service of others—to help save the world, solve problems, etc.... [...]

UR1 Section 3: Session 704 June 17, 1974 oracle physician disease psyche predict

(10:16.) Your physicians can point to lives saved by sophisticated technology. [...] It seems that such lives would have been saved with modern procedures. [...]

[...] So, of course, your mass world is also affected. [...]

[...] If you want to “discover” how things work, then your journey must eventually lead you into the dimensions that lie within the world you know.


NoME Chapter 9: Session 866, July 18, 1979 cancer norm autistic gifted host

[...] There isn’t any saving of the world necessary, we agreed. The world doesn’t need to be saved. [...]

[...] “All those things I’m supposed to answer … I guess I’ve been brooding because I fell into that trap Seth talks about — of thinking that I’ve got to save the world….”

[...] Autistic children, in many cases, now, are those who have picked up the idea that the world is so unsafe that it is better not to communicate with it at all, as long as their demands or needs are being met. When the child is fed and clothed and cared for, then it continues its behavior, and the behavior itself does (underlined) serve its needs.


NoME Chapter 10: Session 868, July 25, 1979 competition practicing ideal idealist unworthy

[...] The same applies to medicine, of course, when in its worthy purpose to save life, its methods often lead to quite unworthy experimentation (see Note 3 for Session 850), so that life is destroyed for the sake of saving, say, a greater number of lives. [...]

[...] Nor is the natural world in any way the result of competitiveness among species. If that were the case you would have no world at all.

[...] We have tried to outline for you many beliefs that undermine your private integrity as individuals, and contribute to the very definite troubles current in the mass world.


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