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TES3 Session 99 October 21, 1964 3/81 (4%) cellar tubbs furnace vessel marie

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Ruburt’s dream itself dealt with vessels. The correct interpretation was that of a vessel, the ship, in which the Tubbs woman toured; the breaking bag, winds unexpected during a day of travel during the cruise.

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Part of Ruburt’s dream, you see, did have to do with a ship; and here with a second vessel and the water, you find that information was given on a subconscious level to Ruburt concerning his friend’s journey. If you will reread that session dealing with the main dream you will see the connection. However, there was a deep sense of bewilderment upon Ruburt’s part with his friend, who is a mother, since neither of them as adolescents considered motherhood as a part of their personal futures.

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This sounds extremely involved. But while Ruburt did get the correct message, another topmost layer of his subconscious took childish revenge by changing the symbolism of vessel as ship, into vessel as womb, container of life. On this level, which also achieved its purpose, the water image was translated into a bag, or the bag of water that burst.

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