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TES3 Session 99 October 21, 1964 4/81 (5%) cellar tubbs furnace vessel marie

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(In an effort to further clear up Seth’s rather involved interpretation of Jane’s dream of September 7, I made it a point to ask Jane just before the session was due tonight about the statement Seth-Jane had made on page 46, involving Jane’s friend, Marie Tubbs, in childbirth. Marie wrote Jane on October 11 that she has not given birth for two years, and Seth dealt with what looked like a discrepancy between the two sets of facts to a partial degree in the 98th session. See pages 74-75.

(Tubbs, of course, was Marie’s maiden name. Her married name is Marie Sterrett, of Boynton Beach, Florida.

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Ruburt’s dream itself dealt with vessels. The correct interpretation was that of a vessel, the ship, in which the Tubbs woman toured; the breaking bag, winds unexpected during a day of travel during the cruise.

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The Tubbs woman was to be given still another child, when no more were desired, by Ruburt in childish retaliation. Both literal interpretations were true, you see, but Ruburt took the opportunity (unconsciously of course) to use valid information, that of the trip, as a method of getting back for the imagined and unreasonable treachery of her friend.

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