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TES3 Session 99 October 21, 1964 3/81 (4%) cellar tubbs furnace vessel marie

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(Going down cellar at noon to check on the furnace, which had been acting up, I found three Venetian blinds, set out in plain sight where none had been the day before. I am sure of this because I was in the cellar yesterday also, because of the furnace trouble. Our landlord was with me, and told me that I could use the blinds, since someone in the house had obviously decided they no longer wanted to use these. So I took them.

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(On October 21, last Wednesday during the session, a remark I made led Jane to recall that on the night before she had had a dream involving a washing machine that leaked and flooded; she told me that she was not sure whether it was the automatic washer in the cellar of the apartment house or not. I wrote it down as a matter of routine.

(Last night, the washing machine in the cellar sprang a leak, a pipe rupturing, and flooded the cellar. Our water was cold this morning. Inspecting the cellar after breakfast, Jane discovered a foot of water there, and of course immediately called the landlord.)

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