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TES3 Session 98 October 19, 1964 5/63 (8%) nodule wrist arthritic irritation marie

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(Earlier today, feeling somewhat tense, Jane had visited a chiropractor for treatment. While talking with him she mentioned a hard lump that had appeared recently on the inside of her left wrist. It bothered her but little; the doctor stated that it could be an arthritic nodule; seeing that this upset her greatly, he reassured her by saying that it was more likely to be the result of an injury. Not remembering any injurious incidents, Jane came home quite upset.

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(Break at 9:29. Jane was dissociated as usual, but more toward the middle and end of the delivery than in the beginning. Seth had not yet mentioned the nodule on her wrist, and we agreed that he was probably waiting until she attained a deeper state before he dealt with personal material of this sort.

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The formation on the wrist is not arthritic. You may repeat the statement for him to read. I have told him that he will not develop arthritis.

The hand was not injured, that is not knocked as by bunking, but was irritated due to a change of wrist motion occurring when he began to use a second typewriter, which he had not used for many years. The keys are spaced differently. The automatic wrist motion that he regularly uses in his touch typing was knocked askew, the pattern broken, and he used an erratic pressure that induced strain. This caused the irritation and the subsequent nodule.

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(Jane said she was “really out” while Seth gave the material on her wrist. She resumed in the same quiet manner at 10:21.)

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