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TES3 Session 98 October 19, 1964 4/63 (6%) nodule wrist arthritic irritation marie

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(It will be remembered that in the 87th session of September 14, 1964, Seth began an interpretation of Jane’s dream of September 7. The ramifications from this dream are still spreading. Seth again dealt with this dream in the 93rd session, of September 30. In it he said that although he was not sure, he thought Jane’s schoolgirl friend, Marie Tubbs, now living in Florida, may have been in childbirth at the time of Jane’s dream, with a possibility that the water bag had broken during birth. The unifying symbol of the dream had been a tub, and water.

(After this session Jane wrote to Marie in an effort to verify the above statement. The two women have not seen each other for some years, but maintain a desultory correspondence. In her reply, dated October 11, Marie told Jane that she has not been involved in childbirth for two years. She did say that in July she had been on a cruise to Bermuda, in which she, her husband and friends had been on or near the water for about ten days. And at the time of Jane’s dream, Marie said, hurricane Cleo had been descending upon them at Boynton Beach, and “we had plenty of water around then during the storm. It went right through here.”

(So, since there was some kind of discrepancy here between what Seth at least considered a possibility, and the fact that Marie had not been giving birth, we naturally wondered what was correct, and hoped the session tonight would deal with it.

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(End at 10:58. Jane was dissociated as usual. My writing hand was also tired. After the session was over, I realized that I had neglected to ask Seth to specifically clear up Jane’s use of the phrase concerning her friend Marie as being involved in childbirth. I will make a point to inquire about this in the next session.)

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