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TES3 Session 98 October 19, 1964 3/63 (5%) nodule wrist arthritic irritation marie

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The hand was not injured, that is not knocked as by bunking, but was irritated due to a change of wrist motion occurring when he began to use a second typewriter, which he had not used for many years. The keys are spaced differently. The automatic wrist motion that he regularly uses in his touch typing was knocked askew, the pattern broken, and he used an erratic pressure that induced strain. This caused the irritation and the subsequent nodule.

The regular typewriter should be used. There is no use for me upon this occasion to do anything more than state the circumstances, except of course to suggest that Ruburt does not dwell upon the irritation.

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Nevertheless, because the patient is in a condition where he is most susceptible to suggestions, a great responsibility lies upon the shoulders of those who would treat illness. The chiropractor’s suggestion that the irritation was an arthritic one was made positively; that is, without thinking he stated “Oh yes, that is not normal at all, it is an arthritic nodule.” Later, realizing that the suggestion had been a poor one, and moreover one of which he was not certain, he amended the statement, adding that such a formation could also be the result of injury or simple irritation to the joint.

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