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DEaVF1 Chapter 5: Session 902, February 20, 1980 2/35 (6%) bible ship abraham noah ages

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Your dream3 fits in here in its own fashion, for you see that the ship of life, so to speak, rides very swiftly and beautifully also beneath the conscious surface, traveling through the waters of the psyche…. You are progressing very well at under-the-surface levels. There were few impediments. You had clear sailing, so to speak, and the dream was indeed meant as an inner vision of your progress.

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“In brilliant, limpid color: I dreamed that a ship—a freighter colored a warm gray and a rust-red-orange—sank in the ocean. I was underwater, to one side, and viewed everything as an observer. I watched the ship sink on an even keel through the blue-green water to the smooth yellow and tan and brown sandy ocean floor—but instead of settling motionless there the ship began to ‘sail’ or plow its way across the ocean bottom, almost as though it were a car moving along a road. I saw waves of sand gracefully rise up from the bow of the freighter. I saw no people or fish—just the ship, the ocean, and its floor, which was free of obstacles to the ship’s easy passage. The fact that the ship could navigate that way underwater was a revelation to me, and I knew that in some way this boded well for my future. I was very pleased. The colors were beautiful. I’d really like to do a painting of this dream.”

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