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DEaVF1 Chapter 3: Session 889, December 17, 1979 7/50 (14%) units cu wave particles operate

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CU’s can also operate as “particles” or as “waves.” Whichever way they operate, they are aware of their own existences. When CU’s operate as particles, in your terms, they build up a continuity in time. They take on the characteristics of particularity. They identify themselves by the establishment of specific boundaries.

(Long pause.) They take certain forms, then, when they operate as particles, and experience their reality from “the center of” those forms. They concentrate upon, or focus upon, their unique specificiations. They become in your terms (underlined) individual.

When CU’s operate as waves, however, they do not set up any boundaries about their own self-awareness—and when operating as waves CU’s can indeed be in more than one place at one time.

I understand that this is somewhat difficult material to comprehend. However (pause), in its purest form a unit of consciousness can be in all places at the same time (forcefully). It becomes beside the point, then, to say that when it operates as a wave a unit of consciousness is precognitive, or clairvoyant, since it has the capacity to be in all places and all times simultaneously.

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These CU’s can operate as separate entities, as identities, or they can flow together in a vast, harmonious wave of activity, as a force. Period. Actually, units of consciousness operate in both ways all of the time. No identity, once “formed,” is ever annihilated, for its existence is indelibly a part of “the entire wave of consciousness to which it belongs.”

(Pause at 9:04, one of many.) Each “particleized” unit, however, rides the continual thrust set up by fields of consciousness, in which wave and particle both belong. Each particleized unit of consciousness contains within it inherently the knowledge of all other such particles—for at other levels, again, the units are operating as waves. Basically the units move faster than light,2 slowing down, in your terms, to form matter. (Pause.) These units can be considered, again, as entities or as forces, and they can operate as either. Metaphysically, they can be thought of as the point at which All That Is acts to form [your] world—the immediate contact of a never-ending creative inspiration, coming into mental focus, the metamorphosis of certainly divine origin that brings the physical world into existence from the greater reality of divine fact. Scientifically, again, the units can be thought of as building blocks of matter. Ethically, the CU’s represent the spectacular foundations of the world in value fulfillment, for each unit of consciousness is related to each other, a part of the other, each participating in the entire gestalt of mortal experience. And we will see how this applies to your attitudes toward specieshood, and man’s relationship with other conscious entities and the planet he shares with them.

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I want you to try and imagine a situation in which (long pause) there exists a psychological force that includes within its capabilities the ability to act simultaneously on the most microscopic and the most macroscopic levels; that can form within itself (long pause, eyes closed) a million separate inviolate unique identities, and that can still operate as a part of those identities, and as a larger unit that is their source—in which case it is a wave from which the particles emerge. That description fits our units of consciousness.

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