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TPS5 Session 877 (Deleted) September 3, 1979 3/39 (8%) sperm order spontaneous impose eggs

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You think of the beginnings or endings of civilizations, for example, marking them with specific dates. At the level at which spontaneous order operates, however, perception would span those dates. There could actually be no beginning or end to any culture. The idea of discipline as you think of it comes into effect most generally when you try to impose a secondary kind of order over the primary one. I am not speaking here of discipline as punishment, but of discipline accepted by a person or a civilization in order to direct action along certain lines. Such disciplines usually exaggerate and intensify one kind of natural spontaneous order over another. This is done because the natural spontaneous nature of order is not understood.

People feel that they must push themselves or their civilizations along certain lines—that they must impose an order from without, since they do not trust the spontaneous order of nature.

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Ruburt believed he must impose a secondary kind of order upon his creativity and spontaneity. Sometimes it seems that you are bothered by visitors when you do not want them, but those visitors are also a part of that spontaneous order, whether or not at any given time you recognize the purpose of such a visit, or its place in your lives.

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