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TPS5 Session 877 (Deleted) September 3, 1979 4/39 (10%) sperm order spontaneous impose eggs

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(Long pause at 9:30.) The physical universe had to spring from a source that exists beyond life itself. The universe came alive through a divine spontaneity that knew its own order—a spontaneity whose creations would automatically fall into meaningful patterns. At what point did apelike mammals alter their own genetic message, in terms of evolution’s tales? What sperm first knew itself different, knowing it would mature—if it did as a man instead of an ape? And what apelike female changed her genetic messages, knowing that her egg, if it matured, would literally give birth to an entirely new species, one that centuries later would read and write?

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I cannot explain adequately that basically childbirth is a joyful—one of the most joyful—creative activities. In a way the child is—in a way (underlined), the child is—the finalized version in your reality (long pause) of a vast number of sperm and eggs.

Now: the characteristics of the settled-upon sperm and egg predominate, but these are also related—in a manner most difficult to describe—to all the other sperm who did not make contact with that given egg, and also to the other eggs that might have formed instead of the one that did (all intently).

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(9:49.) Those other characteristics, say, then, of the probable eggs and sperm, provide an infinite bed of personality characteristics and abilities that can ride to the surface if they are needed.

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