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TES3 Session 87 September 14, 1964 12/67 (18%) enclosure cancer capsule comprehension cube

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Instead I would like to give you some more material dealing with mental enclosures. These are in some respects a different sort of camouflage, a self-formed, artificial and only partial enclosure, a beneficial psychic device within which the inner self momentarily and temporarily gathers and holds and collects as much psychic energy about it as it is capable of receiving, utilizing, and also withstanding. The mental enclosure in most cases is self-limiting then, since it represents a setting up of barriers on all sides but one. But it is limiting only for the ultimate purpose of intense concentration of energy, resulting in a burst or expansion of this energy that has been transformed and pressurized, so to speak, into new patterns.

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You may consider a mental enclosure in its simplest terms to be somewhat like a cube. The dimensions may vary within, but the furthest side will be represented as open or transparent, the line itself being drawn only for convenience’s sake.

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The properties of matter have been given it, that is been given the energy, within the mental enclosure, as indeed the physical properties have been given. And a child is formed in the womb, but may be damaged in the act of passing out.

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Now. Such enclosures are the innermost basis of any consciousness, regardless of the type of consciousness. They could be said to represent the inner psychic form even of the most minute cell.

They represent the necessary pause, though this pause understand on the physical plane is imperceivable. Nevertheless, the mental enclosures allow for a psychic duration in which energy, which is forever flooding, may be shaped to some extent and transformed, either into the properties of matter or into other forms.

We have to some extent touched upon the various ways by which this process is carried out. The process is carried out so quickly as to seem simultaneous on your plane, but the pause and resulting pulsation is always present. This mental enclosure is arbitrary, necessary again, a device used by the self. It would seem to limit the extension of consciousness, and yet it does not.

The dimensions of such mental enclosures are governed by the particular ability of the particular consciousness to receive, withstand and utilize energy. This ability is more or less elastic; that is, the ability can expand, and no rigid rules apply to it in a limiting manner.

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This point is extremely important. All consciousnesses, therefore, either of a complicated psychic gestalt such as a man or animal, or of simpler gestalts such as an individual cell or molecule, nevertheless operate in and form about themselves mental or psychic enclosures, within which is naturally contained the capsule comprehension which is an attribute of all energy.

And in this mental enclosure, also, the energy which is received is then momentarily held and transformed, either into matter or into other aspects. For the record, you realize that when I speak of consciousnesses I do not refer to that conscious ego, but rather to inner consciousness, that then helps form the material image.

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The comprehension is condensed, but the term capsule is merely one that I have chosen. All units of individual consciousness contain this capsule comprehension, and it represents the most minute unit of consciousness about which a mental enclosure, or self, can be constructed. There is no smaller unit, and cannot be, than this.

It is the ability of such a unit of consciousness to utilize or create other forms and dimensions of itself that regulates the dimensions of the mental enclosure and of the effective self. You understand that about this mental or psychic enclosure the other elements of self are constructed, the physical image and its extensions into physical environment. This process, in various fields, continually goes on.

The entity, each entity, was formed in this manner, it in turn sending out its creations in terms of other personalities, and these personalities sending forth their own psychic as well as physical constructions. When I spoke of energy being transformed within the mental enclosure, I mentioned that it was transformed into matter, but also into other constructions.

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