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TES3 Session 87 September 14, 1964 3/67 (4%) enclosure cancer capsule comprehension cube

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You may consider a mental enclosure in its simplest terms to be somewhat like a cube. The dimensions may vary within, but the furthest side will be represented as open or transparent, the line itself being drawn only for convenience’s sake.

Into the cube then pours psychic energy. The front or foremost line of the cube, like a gate, can open or close; and it points toward the outer world of physical matter. As energy pours into our cube it is momentarily held within it. Mental enzymes help transform the energy into incipient patterns, from which matter, physical matter, can result.

The front gates of our cube then open, freeing the transformed energy. But these front gates represent our subconscious and the signal to open, the permission for the construction of matter and its form, are dependent upon these subconscious gates. Even as incipient matter flows through, the final form is given by the way it brushes through these subconscious gates. It must be born and even shaped, finally, here.

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