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TES3 Session 87 September 14, 1964 9/67 (13%) enclosure cancer capsule comprehension cube

[... 25 paragraphs ...]

Within it will be found the capsule comprehension of which we have spoken earlier. This is an attribute of energy itself in its pure form, and even when it is, so to speak, broken down or individualized, the capsule comprehension is in no way either lessened or simplified.

This point is extremely important. All consciousnesses, therefore, either of a complicated psychic gestalt such as a man or animal, or of simpler gestalts such as an individual cell or molecule, nevertheless operate in and form about themselves mental or psychic enclosures, within which is naturally contained the capsule comprehension which is an attribute of all energy.

[... 3 paragraphs ...]

This capsule comprehension I call capsule comprehension, since innate comprehension of itself and its workings is part of what you may think of as the fiber or makeup of all energy, regardless of any given particular form that it might take, or regardless of the camouflage it might form of itself.

The comprehension of itself and its workings, being an attribute and everywhere a part of energy, cannot be therefore pointed at, and is in no way distinguishable from energy itself, being a part and not an addition. It is distributed therefore throughout energy, or within it, in much the same way that creative ability is distributed throughout or within, say, a particular personality.

The results of it can be perceived in the actions carried out by a given personality, but as you cannot separate creative ability, or take it out of an individual for examination, so you cannot separate comprehension of itself from energy.

Now. This comprehension, latent in all energy, is not broken up and distributed piecemeal within individualized consciousnesses, but completely contained within as if it were condensed; and indeed it is condensed into a capsule form.

The comprehension is condensed, but the term capsule is merely one that I have chosen. All units of individual consciousness contain this capsule comprehension, and it represents the most minute unit of consciousness about which a mental enclosure, or self, can be constructed. There is no smaller unit, and cannot be, than this.

[... 4 paragraphs ...]

This dream is a sequel to another, in which Ruburt was aware of the death of an old woman who was a medium, and I will need to explain the first dream, that is the earlier one, to make the other dream comprehensible.

[... 21 paragraphs ...]

There is no point in giving you a superficial analysis, since dreams usually impart knowledge that can be utilized by several levels of the personality; though consciously the information perceived and brought into meaningful context by the subconscious may not be at all comprehensible to the ego, it is nevertheless utilized by the whole personality.

[... 5 paragraphs ...]

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