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TES3 Session 87 September 14, 1964 10/67 (15%) enclosure cancer capsule comprehension cube

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(On September 9 Jane dreamed that she spoke to two sick men, saying to them, “Don’t worry. The material says I have cancer too.” Meaning the Seth material, of course. Jane said the puzzling thing about this little dream was that in spite of its unpleasant content she felt no sense of alarm or danger or worry, that indeed she spoke to the two men quite cheerfully. She is concerned, though, wondering if the dream might be precognitive.

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I will here mention Ruburt’s dream, in which he spoke reassuringly to two men who were ill with cancer by telling them that this material said that he too had cancer.

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In the first dream Ruburt remembered his earlier death. He was a woman medium in Boston, dying at 82 or 83 of cancer. He was not, then, afraid of death, knowing its true nature, and in the surrounding rooms there were other old people. Two in particular were men, dreadfully afraid of death, and both dying of cancer.

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In Ruburt’s second dream he experienced no feeling of dread when he spoke of having cancer, because at the time he was not afraid. He reassured the two. One was a shipyard worker. One was a lawyer in his younger days but due to trouble he died poor.

The second dream was brought on by the memories subconsciously released in the first dream, and the whole memory block, oddly enough, was released by the fact that Ruburt had in the present some difficulty with his monthly periods. It had been on his mind, brought to his consciousness once the possibility of the difficulty as being a cancer symptom.

He threw this thought back to his personal subconscious, but by association it triggered memory of a previous death by cancer, which was then played back through the dream. But even then the reassuring dream came first. In the first dream, he was aware that the woman worked and was constructive until the last, and also that she passed the transition with little personal jolting.

It was only after this dream that the knowledge that the woman had died of cancer was allowed to emerge. The fact that Ruburt experienced in the dream, or following it, no sense of either fateful predestination or even fear, was a tip-off that the dream was not clairvoyant in terms of a future prediction.

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This referred to a ship instead on the water, at a time when you crossed the Atlantic and came to Boston. In the dream the tub or washing machine leaked, but only briefly. This referred to a time when a leakage was discovered on the ship. This event, you notice, is even further back in time; and the cancer dream was also, though not so far back in time.

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At the same time the more nearly conscious worries present in everyone were felt by Ruburt in his cancer concern, and the dream said “You have already died of cancer, it will not happen again.” So the dream had meanings on several levels.

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I would add one remark. In the dream Ruburt said the material told him that he had cancer, because in a previous life he did have clairvoyant knowledge, through his psychic ability, of his future disease; and since his psychic ability has only lately come to light with this material, you can see the connection.

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