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NoME Chapter 10: Session 869, July 30, 1979 1/24 (4%) evolutionary onchocerciasis leathery blindness dutch

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(First, though, let me explain an odd development. In the opening notes for Session 855, which was held on May 21, I wrote that a few days earlier we’d received our complimentary copies of the German translation of Seth Speaks. I added that we expected the Dutch translation of the same book to be published later this year, but that we didn’t know just when this would happen — so Jane and I were understandably surprised last Thursday to receive a letter from a reader in Holland, informing us that he’d just purchased a copy of the Dutch edition of Seth Speaks! Usually we’re notified well in advance of a book’s publication, but not this time — if the event has actually taken place. Could our correspondent have meant the German edition instead? No doubt a confusion of communications has come about. We’ve had no correspondence with the Dutch publisher, Ankh-Hermes, about a publication date. Jane called her editor at Prentice-Hall, Tam Mossman, who had no knowledge of the Dutch Seth Speaks being marketed either; he’s to check with Ankh-Hermes and let us know. Jane and I are pleased, though, since if Seth isn’t available yet in two foreign languages, he soon will be.

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