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TES3 Session 86 September 9, 1964 5/46 (11%) enclosure copper tube september extension

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(While trying psychological time on Wednesday, September 9, 8:15 PM, I had, after reaching a pleasant state, the rather strange sensation of having my legs pulled or stretched, as though some force was trying to elongate them. I felt rather strongly a sensation of gripping on the inside of each ankle, coupled with a downward pull, or stretching. It had some duration also; I had plenty of time to lightly explore the sensation.

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(Thursday evening, September 10, John Bradley visited us while on a selling trip to Elmira for his company, Searle Drug. It will be remembered that in the 63rd session, June 17,1964, Volume 2, page 159, Seth gave a date of September 2 for John, stating that on that day “plans may be born at that date which will affect his participation in his professional field.” John was a witness to that session.

(Tonight John told us that on September 2 he was meeting at his home in Williamsport, PA, with his district manager, and that of course business was discussed. John has in the past applied for a transfer to the West. The company to date has not granted his request. Seth has dealt with the upheavals going on beneath the surface of Searle Drug in various sessions, and in some detail; they are continuing, John informs us. It now develops that John’s district manager is not too sure of his own job. Whether any actual plans affecting John were born at the meeting of September 2, time will tell.

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(In the 84th session, September 2, Volume 2, pages 329 and 331, Seth stated that Jane was blocking “a picture of Philip,” Philip being Seth’s name for John’s entity. Without much thought Jane and I had taken the data given on this instance to refer also to John’s September 2 date, since by coincidence the 84th session also fell due on September 2. This evening John said that he’d had no “disagreement in a kitchen, involving two women and a man, with a child close by,” on September 2. So now we wonder whether the above incident is precognition, with the actual date being blocked by Jane, or whether Jane is just plain in error.)

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