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TES3 Session 86 September 9, 1964 3/46 (7%) enclosure copper tube september extension

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This end would then represent the extension of the self outward toward the physical universe. This extension, as I have mentioned, is theoretically endless. The world of inner reality would then be imagined as existing at the other end of this tube. And in the same manner that one end of the tube would represent the extension of the self into the world of physical reality, then so too would the other end of this tube represent the extension of the self into the inner world of reality.

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All psychic energy comes through such a mental enclosure. Now, we are leading up to a point. You remember, I am sure, that I spoke of extension and contraction, along with other discussions on the inner senses. Communication with the inner self, communication with entities on another level can be approached from one or the other of two methods. The approaches are different, and one is more often tried than the other.

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Extension of energy must have contraction as an after effect, and contraction will lead to extension. Therefore, if you begin in an attempt to contract your consciousness and energy, in the hopes of attaining communication with inner reality, then indeed will your consciousness, closed and contracted like a tight fist, open and expand. And if you seek to communicate by expansion of consciousness, then will this expansion come crushing and closing upon itself.

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