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TES3 Session 86 September 9, 1964 8/46 (17%) enclosure copper tube september extension

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I have spoken of mental enclosures. Theoretically there is no such thing as a closed system. However for all practical purposes a closed mental system is one which allows the least amount of camouflage data to come through. It is not closed entirely but nevertheless it could be said to approximate in psychic terms the enclosure within which your so-called mediums work; that is, with a minimum of camouflage communication at hand.

(Seth began referring to mental enclosures, mental enzymes, etc., many many sessions ago, at the same time he began to give the information on the inner senses. By the time the 20th session was held these discussions of such material were in full swing.)

The system or the mental enclosure, again, is only closed comparatively speaking. An endeavor is made to close one opening from one plane, and keep the alternate or inner communication channel open. As an analogy here, the conscious ego could be said to exist within this copper tube, located at approximately its center.

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Now using the analogy again, in our mental enclosure we attempt to close off this channel of communication with the outer universe. So. This end we leave open.

Now this is what you attempt when you experiment with psychological time, when your communication comes through the inner rather than the outer senses. And all living consciousnesses initially enter your plane of awareness by route of such a mental enclosure.

All psychic energy comes through such a mental enclosure. Now, we are leading up to a point. You remember, I am sure, that I spoke of extension and contraction, along with other discussions on the inner senses. Communication with the inner self, communication with entities on another level can be approached from one or the other of two methods. The approaches are different, and one is more often tried than the other.

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A mental enclosure cannot be seen or touched, yet no man is ever within a mental enclosure but that he is alone. Here you seek not equalization of pressure, but a delicate, even precarious instability of pressures. No, no creativity arises from an evenness of pressure, but in constantly changing, new instabilities, ever seeking to achieve a balance.

This mental enclosure can be thought of as somewhat of a manufacturing plant, from which all material manifestations must come. The products that make up the form come through another entrance.

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