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TES2 Session 85 September 7, 1964 11/65 (17%) watts frank borst gallery directorship

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(Over the weekend I had devoted some time to trying to sort out the contradictory Frank Watts material given by FW in the first two sessions. I had meant to try this for some time, knowing part of it was contradictory, before asking Seth to straighten it out. Jane and I had been talking about trying to check out some of this material, since presumably records concerning Frank Watts would exist locally; and possibly people who knew him, other than Miss Callahan, and a co-worker of Jane’s at the gallery when the sessions began, Mrs. Borst, might be found who would help us verify any data Seth gave. [See Volume 1 of The Early Sessions*.]*

(Just before the session was due, Jane remarked that she hoped Seth would discuss the Frank Watts material, thus saving me the trouble of asking the question during the session. She had no idea beforehand of the material the session would cover. She began dictating on time in a voice a bit stronger than usual, at a fairly fast rate. Her pacing was also rather fast, her eyes dark as usual.)

[... 3 paragraphs ...]

I will indeed mention the Frank Watts material, and a few other matters that are at hand.

[... 11 paragraphs ...]

I will let you take your first break. And with this material as a preface I will begin with a brief explanation of the Frank Watts material.

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(Jane had suspected the above would be Seth’s answer, and had told me so over the weekend. This means that Seth first actually announced his presence, by name, on page 23 of the material and during the 4th session. However, the character of the answers we had been receiving for some little while before this point had been reached, had changed from the type of answer Frank Watts had been giving; I recall that even then we had wondered whether some other entity than Frank Watts had become involved.

(On the other hand, we did not doubt that some kind of a connection with Frank Watts had been established first. We just thought it garbled. Jane’s co-worker at the gallery, Mrs. Borst, who is now retired, had stated definitely that she had known a Frank Watts who had died in the 1940’s, and had also known his sister Treva.)

Nevertheless, much of the Watts material was valid. The distortions, too numerous to mention here, were the result of inexperience, not only on Ruburt’s part, but also on the part of the personality who did live and was called Frank Watts.

[... 2 paragraphs ...]

Frank Watts was closer, and acted as an unconscious relay station on the one hand, while on the other hand his unconscious gave consent. The material which came through was extremely garbled, some distortions resulting from Ruburt’s inexperience, and some simply in translation.

This was the reason for the rather abrupt switch from the Frank Watts identity to my own. This is why I did not give my name to the initial endeavors, so that I could cast them adrift. Nevertheless, they represented a necessary beginning in these endeavors, and a beginning for which no apology is needed on your part or on mine.

The material partially was picked up or initiated by Ruburt on a subconscious level from Mrs. Borst, who was I believe at the gallery during that time. There was a Frank Watts. Mrs. Borst did know of him, and he did exist as an independent personality.

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Because of Ruburt’s reaction I will not this evening. On another occasion I will slyly insert them in the middle of the material. They, or rather the Frank Watts material, must however be considered then separate from my material. My material is the material in which I use my name.

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