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TES2 Session 85 September 7, 1964 3/65 (5%) watts frank borst gallery directorship

[... 41 paragraphs ...]

–that I knew what I was doing when I abruptly and rather strongly, I admit, suggested that Ruburt leave the gallery, two full days before he was given his precious assistant directorship.

You both suspected all sorts of tricky subconscious motives on Ruburt’s part. The fact is, had he followed my suggestion then, affairs for him would have been much simpler. As it is, on his own with your help, because of quite practical events, he has chosen to leave, after having accepted the assistant directorship. Had he taken my suggestion when I gave it, affairs would have gone smoother. As it is there will be misunderstandings that could have been avoided.

[... 21 paragraphs ...]

(End at 10:28. Jane was dissociated as usual. Both of us remember the dream of Jane’s that Seth discussed. It was a very vivid one, and quite unpleasant, and Jane told me about it as soon as she awoke. She also immediately wrote it down, in detail, in her dream notebook. She had the dream on the night of Sunday, August 30; and the next day she was given the assistant directorship at the gallery.)

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