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TES2 Session 85 September 7, 1964 3/65 (5%) watts frank borst gallery directorship

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(Over the weekend I had devoted some time to trying to sort out the contradictory Frank Watts material given by FW in the first two sessions. I had meant to try this for some time, knowing part of it was contradictory, before asking Seth to straighten it out. Jane and I had been talking about trying to check out some of this material, since presumably records concerning Frank Watts would exist locally; and possibly people who knew him, other than Miss Callahan, and a co-worker of Jane’s at the gallery when the sessions began, Mrs. Borst, might be found who would help us verify any data Seth gave. [See Volume 1 of The Early Sessions*.]*

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(On the other hand, we did not doubt that some kind of a connection with Frank Watts had been established first. We just thought it garbled. Jane’s co-worker at the gallery, Mrs. Borst, who is now retired, had stated definitely that she had known a Frank Watts who had died in the 1940’s, and had also known his sister Treva.)

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The material partially was picked up or initiated by Ruburt on a subconscious level from Mrs. Borst, who was I believe at the gallery during that time. There was a Frank Watts. Mrs. Borst did know of him, and he did exist as an independent personality.

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