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NoME Chapter 5: Session 832, January 29, 1979 1/15 (7%) drama copyedited devoid accidentally emir

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(Jane and I have been attending to the mechanics of publishing affairs more than ever since she held the 831st session two weeks ago [on January 15]. During the first week of that time off from sessions we worked steadily at checking the copyedited manuscript for Psyche. In the meantime, the copyedited manuscript for Emir arrived on the 18th, sent to us by Eleanor Friede at Delacorte Press; and since Emir is a short book, we were able to go over it during one evening and get it in the mail back to Eleanor late the next day. I sent Psyche to Tam Mossman at Prentice-Hall on the 22nd, and on the same day we received from him the page proofs for Seven Two. We spent two days of concentrated labor studying those, and I returned them to Tam on the 24th. Then Jane, in a typical burst of inspiration the next day, began writing her third Seven book: Oversoul Seven and the Museum of Time.

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