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TPS3 Session 790 (Deleted Portion) January 3, 1977 2/13 (15%) shame willy divan puss hassles

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You each believe that shortcomings themselves are reassuring. You have not gone so far from the norm after all (amused)—you are as human as anyone else. Far be it from you to put others to shame, or hurt their feelings, either of you. Each of you therefore maintain your “hassles” stubbornly, so that you can say to others “We have our problems—it is very difficult for us.”

You inhibit your own painting so that others will not feel inferior by contrast. This is a joint framework you have chosen for the display of extraordinary ability. You parcel out your energy in small doses. You constantly reinforce the framework. You did this with your parents—afraid of seeming better than they, almost ashamed of your ability lest it shame your father by contrast, disciplining yourself over much.

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