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TPS3 Session 790 (Deleted Portion) January 3, 1977 2/13 (15%) shame willy divan puss hassles

[... 11 paragraphs ...]

(11:12 PM. Our old cat, Willy One, died last November 5. A few days later we obtained Willy Two from Stray Haven in Waverly, New York. He was six weeks old. Now Willy Two is about half grown. During the latter part of this session he slept beside me, wedged between my leg and the arm of the divan. Seth’s voice boomed out loudly for the last paragraph above—and as it did so young Willy instantly snapped to attention.

(After an instant of surprise, ears up, he jumped down from the divan, across the coffee table between us, and up into Jane’s lap while she was still in trance. He curled up against her at once. Then the session was over.)

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