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TES2 Session 79 August 12, 1964 8/82 (10%) property price expectations unit minimum

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They of course have their results or effects on psychological levels, representing what we may call psychological personality thrust. This does not apply only to the reality of human personality, but to that basic inner and smallest unit, individual prime consciousness that is at the core of any psychic gestalt. That is, the smallest unit of individual consciousness which finds physical fulfillment in the formation of matter.

This smallest psychological unit represents the minimum individual psychic component, the most basic personality building block, from which other more complicated psychic structures are formed.

This unit could be compared, then, to a molecule on the purely physical level. It is composed of individualized psychic energy, capable of amassing about itself only a minimum of physical materialization; and yet it is extremely necessary, for it is a first stepping stone of psychological energy into the physical field.

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It is self-propelled, self-perpetuating as a psychological energy unit. It will indeed materialize itself upon the physical plane simultaneously and withdraw itself simultaneously, as I have explained earlier. Your time sense gives it and all matter the appearance of durability. The energy that composes the smallest or any physical unit, passes through the physical field where the outer senses can no longer perceive it. Some, and a large amount, of this energy passes through the physical field so that you do not perceive it at all, taking form that you do not distinguish, and that cannot be harnessed on the physical level. And this is where your scientists get the idea of entropy.

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Psychological energy units smaller or weaker than the minimum unit required for physical construction, simply pass through the physical field unperceived and unconstructed. They do, however, exert some, though inconsequential, effect which theoretically could also be measured, and which would account for some of the energy considered diminished, and help to account for the entropy theory.

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We will take the personality of your director, Ruburt, if we may. Here not only desire but expectation brought about his directorship. He wanted, and finally expected, some kind of domain of his own. Being a part of no real community as a youngster, being unsure even of family unit, he first sought out various organizational positions, and governmental environments, as a man might wrap a cloak about him to protect himself from the elements.

So he attempted to wrap himself in the cloak of organization. He remained however basically anonymous. His desire to belong and his expectation also became stronger. The gallery represents a unit of community affiliation in which he can exert some power, and yet be within a community unit.

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I have said enough along these lines. It is true that you are improving. You remain as uncommitted to a united community, and this has something to do with your aversion to buying property which would tend to tie you down to a community, even while it would also fulfill a need to own land.

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