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TES2 Session 79 August 12, 1964 5/82 (6%) property price expectations unit minimum

[... 48 paragraphs ...]

Now. You found that you wanted more when it came down to it than the property seemed to offer. You did not expect that you could get what you found you wanted at the price. You constructed the property, then, in terms of what you expected you could get for the price, and then did not consider this sufficient.

Now I tried, ineffectively I might add, in the sessions to raise your expectations of the property for the same price, by justifiably showing you, I thought, how value fulfillment psychically could definitely add to the construction.

Had I succeeded, the transaction would have been an excellent one. Your expectations did rise. In this I did succeed. But practically, you could not leap the boundary, you could not expect to get so much (in parenthesis: the added expectations) for so little. You therefore ripped down the construction to meet the price, and then refused it.

[... 18 paragraphs ...]

The fact remains that the low price bothered you, and as a result you became sensitive to the sound of traffic, looking for a way to justify the low price, as did Ruburt. This, despite your frown, is a fact. And now, dear friends, good evening once more.

(I had been laughing, and frowning too. Neither of us, consciously, had been bothered by the price of the house. We had thought we offered a fair price, one within what we could afford to pay.

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