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TES2 Session 79 August 12, 1964 4/82 (5%) property price expectations unit minimum

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This smallest psychological unit represents the minimum individual psychic component, the most basic personality building block, from which other more complicated psychic structures are formed.

This unit could be compared, then, to a molecule on the purely physical level. It is composed of individualized psychic energy, capable of amassing about itself only a minimum of physical materialization; and yet it is extremely necessary, for it is a first stepping stone of psychological energy into the physical field.

It represents also the minimum thrust value necessary for physical transformation of energy from a purely psychological into a physical state. It represents, then, the minimum expansion needed to overcome physical resistance. It represents the minimum psychological expectation necessary for construction.

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Psychological energy units smaller or weaker than the minimum unit required for physical construction, simply pass through the physical field unperceived and unconstructed. They do, however, exert some, though inconsequential, effect which theoretically could also be measured, and which would account for some of the energy considered diminished, and help to account for the entropy theory.

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