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NotP Chapter 7: Session 780, June 22, 1976 3/36 (8%) implies language psyche identities cezanne

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(As we sat for the session, Jane reminded me that she thought Seth would do an introduction tonight for her own book on Paul Cézanne. This feeling had first come to her earlier today.

(“Wouldn’t that be a riot?” she laughed. “But I’ve done introductions for Seth’s books, so why shouldn’t he do one for mine?” And yes, the Cézanne material mentioned earlier — see Jane’s introduction for Psyche — had developed into a full-fledged book of its own.

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(Now Seth moved from his own book to this new subject — Jane’s The World View of Paul Cézanne — with ease and obvious zest. This was the first time in our sessions that he’s delivered material on two books in one night. He didn’t finish his work for Cézanne tonight, though.

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