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TPS3 Session 730 (Deleted Portion, First Part) January 15, 1975 2/19 (11%) monkey carol larry leash class

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Then he realized that his body was sleeping. He wanted to “awaken” and record the experience, so he had the radio blare until [it] waked him. There is more, involving the doctor and the monkey. The monkey was not free, but on a leash —the psyche’s interpretation, in other terms, of material involving the class discussion about inoculations. The monkey was not free because it had been inoculated with diseased tissue, yet the doctor hoped to keep the disease in control, or leashed, through measured inoculations. Ruburt saw a real doctor and a real monkey because he wanted to bring home the point that living animals were then involved who were then diseased, and that real men conducted the experiments.

In other terms, to your way of thinking, diseases represent animal afflictions, and the monkey represented that connection. No doctor stood in the parking lot with a monkey on a leash, yet in other terms the event was literal, for your doctors feel that they must control the animal in you to heal, and that without their leash the animals would run wild. The monkey was used, also because it is “humanistic,” or has what you think of as incipient human characteristics.

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