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TPS3 Session 730 (Deleted Portion, First Part) January 15, 1975 2/19 (11%) monkey carol larry leash class

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Now: the student, Larry Carp, does have extraordinary energy, erratically and explosively used. He does not know how to use it as yet, so it appears not as a steady but as a rambunctious and sometimes distracting quality. He has not learned how to ride it, for example. Ruburt recognizes this. Ruburt was then using Larry’s, knowing that to some degree it would pierce both levels, and he hoped to compare what Larry said in each reality.

Many of the students are embarrassed by Larry’s behavior, and his piercing laugh, but Ruburt recognizes the energy involved. Several things were operating. Ruburt was out-of-body, as he knows, and in that state he was perceiving the greater dimensions of the class event, and trying to correlate this with ordinary class perception. You were also out-of-body, but do not recall the situation.

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