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TES2 Session 73 July 22, 1964 3/86 (3%) pipers seed constructions chair depth

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As I have told you, form is not a characteristic of matter. I have said, for example, that grass does not grow from seed. You observe that grass often appears where seed has been sown, and you conclude erroneously that the seed grows from matter within it, and that grass grows from the seed.

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The chair is being fully constructed simultaneously and instantaneously. Now take the blade of grass, and the seed. Energy and the consciousness within continually constructs itself into completely new constructions; because of the various speeds I have spoken of, and because you do not perceive the full reality, you do not notice the simultaneous constructions, and think them continuous, rather than separate and ever new.

When energy in its performance brings about a complete change of form, as it does when a seed seems to grow into a blade of grass, what you have here is merely such a complete difference between the gradations which you are able to perceive, that finally you are forced to admit that the thing you take to be continuous matter has somehow or other become something entirely different.

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