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TES2 Session 73 July 22, 1964 3/86 (3%) pipers seed constructions chair depth

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Examination of the back of the painting would show nothing. The elements of the painting would expand in the same way that I have told you the universe expands, in a way that has nothing to do with space but of value fulfillment, which has its own kind of depth and perspective, and which exists not only behind but within the construction of matter.

The depth of this reality cannot be plunged into in the same manner that one plunges into a river or a stream. The depth of this reality can, again, be compared to the depth of a sleep or a trance, or the depth of any common psychological experience.

Ruburt I believe once wrote a poem in which he stated, much more poetically indeed, that pain was deeper than a lake or a river; and this type of depth is that to which I refer here. There are perspectives of which you know relatively little, and they in turn are frameworks, forming physical constructions, actual physical constructions, which you do not perceive.

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