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UR2 Section 4: Session 712 October 16, 1974 4/89 (4%) beam planet space expanding appendix

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Here I would like to give a very simple example, evocative of what I mean. The other day Ruburt received a telephone call from a woman in California who was in difficulty. Ruburt promised to send [healing] energy. Hanging up, he closed his eyes and imagined energy being sent out from a universal source through his own body, and directed toward the person in need. When he did so, Ruburt mentally saw a long “heavy” beam extending straight to the west from a point between his eyes. It reached without impediment. He felt that this extension was composed of energy, and it seemed so strong that a person could walk upon it without difficulty. Subjectively he felt that this beam of energy reached its destination. And so it did.6

Energy was almost instantly transmitted across the continent from one specific individual to another. When you are dealing with that kind of energy, and particularly when you believe in it, space does not matter. Emotional connections are set up and form their own set of coordinates. (Pause.) That beam of energy is as strong and real as a beam of steel, though it moves faster than a beam of light.

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A few days after the episode Seth describes in this session had taken place, Jane had another experience with such a beam of energy. This time she lay on her side facing north after we’d retired, for she wanted to send help to a very ill person in a small town in Canada. She felt the transmission go out from her forehead in a straight line toward its destination. She was physically uncomfortable as she lay on her left side, however, so after a few moments she turned over. The movement shut off the beam. After she’d settled down on her right side, she felt it go out again — but from the back of her head now, and still traveling truly north to its Canadian goal.

Jane is often aware of her “beam of energy,” or variations of it, when she’s reaching out to others. There’s at least an evocative analogy here with the behavior of neutrinos, which are fundamental subatomic “particles.” Generated by the nuclear reactions in the cores of stars, neutrinos travel at the speed of light. They have practically no mass, no electric charge, and hardly ever interact with matter. Not only can they pass through the earth, they can traverse the universe itself without losing much of their energy.

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