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UR1 Section 3: Session 702 June 10, 1974 2/54 (4%) spin technology electrons biofeedback spinning

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Time, in your terms then, is spinning newly backward as surely as it is spinning newly (the telephone began to ring) — ignore it — into the future. And it is spinning outward and inward into all probabilities simultaneously.

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Time reversal or particle symmetry, the equivalence of space and time, is a tenet of relativistic physics and quantum theory. In the material I have on file on electron spin itself, though, I haven’t found any discussion of Seth’s ideas of: (a) a reversed electron spin and a consequent time reversal, or (b) electrons spinning in many directions at once (even if we could grasp such a situation). Such concepts in association with electron spin may be dealt with in the literature of physics, but are unfamiliar to me or outside my limited understanding. I’m sure also that in ordinary terms Jane knows nothing of them.

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