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UR1 Section 3: Session 702 June 10, 1974 9/54 (17%) spin technology electrons biofeedback spinning

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The behavior of electrons, for example, will elude your technological knowledge — for in deepest terms what you will “perceive” will be a facade, an appearance or illusion. So far, within the rules of the game, you have been able to make your “facts” about electrons work. To follow their multidimensional activity however is another matter — (humorously:) a pun — and you need, if you will forgive me, a speedier means.

(Pause.) The blueprints for reality lie even beneath the electrons’ activity. As long as you think in terms of [subatomic] particles, you are basically off the track — or even when you think in terms of waves. The idea of interrelated fields comes closer, of course, yet even here you are simply changing one kind of term for one like it, only slightly different. In all of these cases you are ignoring the reality of consciousness, and its gestalt formations and manifestations. Until you perceive the innate consciousness behind any “visible” or “invisible” manifestations, then, you put a definite barrier to your own knowledge.

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(10:20. “I don’t know what he said about electrons and things like that,” Jane told me as soon as she was out of her hour-long trance state, “but all of this is general and it’s leading up to something more. I carried it as far as I could. Maybe we’ll get more on it after break …”

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(Now, however, we had time to just touch upon the data involving electrons when Jane told me that she was suddenly aware of more information on the same subject. Seth was ready. “I’ll do the best I can with this,” she said, as she took off her glasses. Resume at 10:22.)

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In as simple a language as possible, and to some extent in your terms, the electron’s spin determines time “sequences” from your viewpoint. In those terms, then, a reversed spin is a reversed time motion. There is much you cannot observe. There is much that is extremely difficult to explain, simply because your verbal structure alone presupposes certain assumptions. Electrons, however, spin in many directions at once,6 an effect impossible for you to perceive. You can only theorize about it. There are “electromagnetic momentums thus achieved and maintained,” certain stabilities that operate and maintain their own integrity, though these may not be “equal” at all portions of the spin. There are equalities set up “between” the inequalities.

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5. In the last session see the material, with notes 1 and 7, on Einstein, as well as Note 5; in the 684th session the material on the multidimensional activities and fluctuations of Seth’s CU’s (or units of consciousness), electrons, and other such phenomena; and in the 681st session the material, with Note 7 especially, on science, probable atoms, and the basic unpredictability behind all systems of reality. In the same session Seth also comments on Jane’s vocabulary, as he does after break tonight.

6. Seth, in the 681st session: “Atoms can move in more directions than one at once.” In Note 7 for that session I wrote that as an artist my intuitional reaction to that statement was to associate the multidirectional ability of the atom with Seth’s notions of simultaneous time and probabilities. Since electrons are the particles or processes moving about the nucleus of the atom, I now make the same association for them. Thus, according to Seth, we have a most complicated and profound dance of units or essences — behavior not really amenable to translation in words.

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Physicists began talking about the spin of electrons in 1925; shortly afterward they began to consider the spin of the components of the nucleus itself. This spin isn’t the orbital motion of the electron around a nucleus, however, but (very briefly) is actually more a measure of the electron’s magnetic field.

Time reversal or particle symmetry, the equivalence of space and time, is a tenet of relativistic physics and quantum theory. In the material I have on file on electron spin itself, though, I haven’t found any discussion of Seth’s ideas of: (a) a reversed electron spin and a consequent time reversal, or (b) electrons spinning in many directions at once (even if we could grasp such a situation). Such concepts in association with electron spin may be dealt with in the literature of physics, but are unfamiliar to me or outside my limited understanding. I’m sure also that in ordinary terms Jane knows nothing of them.

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