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TPS3 Session 701 (Deleted Portion) June 3, 1974 3/21 (14%) teeth filmed tooth bothering teleprompter

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(At last break I’d asked Jane if Seth could say a few words about why my front tooth was bothering me. It had been, off and on, for some time. I had an extensive filling put in it a few weeks ago, and was now concerned lest it act up enough so that I would be forced to have it out. I had asked the pendulum about it today, but didn’t tell Jane what I had learned. The tooth was still bothering me at break.

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(After the session I told Jane that my pendulum had told me that my tooth was bothering me because I was worried about her teeth these weeks. I hadn’t asked the pendulum questions about my attitudes toward teeth and my parents, though I had suspicions as to my beliefs in those areas. Seth was quite accurate here. He was also correct about my going to the dentist for security reasons, etc. Yet overall I hadn’t been able to break the tooth-worry habit, while knowing I should.

(It is the next day as I type this material, and I feel that a rather remarkable change in my beliefs about teeth has already taken place. I have reinforced this with the pendulum today; I used suggestion at once after the session last night. Today I have been entirely free of any tooth discomfort, for the first time in weeks. My pendulum confirms my new attitudes. I plan to reinforce the new suggestions daily for some time with the pendulum and without—but I already feel that a change has taken place.

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