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TPS3 Session 701 (Deleted Portion) June 3, 1974 8/21 (38%) teeth filmed tooth bothering teleprompter

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You are in excellent health. You are free of physicians, yet in the area concerning your teeth, you still believe that you must go to dentists. You use that area to give you, in your own fashion, a feeling of security: there you are relating in old ways, not only getting your checkups as you should, but seeing the dentist as more than that. That represents the one physical area concerning health in which you are not fully relying upon yourself, or new beliefs. That is, these have not yet taken hold.

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Some of this has to do with fear and expectation, and the fact that your mother had false teeth. You are afraid of losing them. I suggest you examine your beliefs therefore concerning teeth, age, and in connection with your parents. Does that answer your question?

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The particular individual reason for any given difficulty makes little difference in the overall pattern, as long as you believe that your teeth are vulnerable. It is the one portion of your body, the mouth, that you have so far been willing to “sacrifice” to old mass beliefs.

Give us a moment.... Ruburt is progressing. Again, the entire body is being rejuvenated. The heat makes the muscles far more malleable, releases them, while all the time a general stability must be maintained. The entire circulatory system is being reactivated. He need not fear any of the old trouble with the teeth, sinus or jaw—but gradually tensions are being released in the jaw, neck and shoulder areas.

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The teeth are gradually and gently and easily shifting with the release of jaw tension, for a better, more natural bite. Then, and shortly, they will become quite secure in their sockets. The brushing routine as given must be continued however.

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(After the session I told Jane that my pendulum had told me that my tooth was bothering me because I was worried about her teeth these weeks. I hadn’t asked the pendulum questions about my attitudes toward teeth and my parents, though I had suspicions as to my beliefs in those areas. Seth was quite accurate here. He was also correct about my going to the dentist for security reasons, etc. Yet overall I hadn’t been able to break the tooth-worry habit, while knowing I should.

(It is the next day as I type this material, and I feel that a rather remarkable change in my beliefs about teeth has already taken place. I have reinforced this with the pendulum today; I used suggestion at once after the session last night. Today I have been entirely free of any tooth discomfort, for the first time in weeks. My pendulum confirms my new attitudes. I plan to reinforce the new suggestions daily for some time with the pendulum and without—but I already feel that a change has taken place.

(Jane is now showing signs of change in her legs, which we are most pleased about. These began within the last couple of days. Her teeth have been bothering her—difficulty in chewing, etc., but according to Seth she will improve in this area as I will. I’ll see if I can reinforce her beliefs in that area.

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